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Great serum for my thinning hair - Activating Serum 2 week

I love the packaging of this hair serum glass bottle with a dropper cap. This serum is very nice I loved the texture and refreshing smell of the serum.

It is very easy to apply on dry scalp with the help of a dropper, I take a full dropper serum and gently massage with my fingertips. It helps look my hair fuller and healthy. My hair is dry and damaged, and recently they are falling a lot so I am using this serum to get fuller-looking healthy hair. I have started using this serum for two weeks and noticing a difference in my hair volume and texture since day one. I am very impressed that this serum has ginseng and biotin I know both ingredients are recommended for struggling hair by holistic doctors. I am loving this serum and hopefully, it will help my dry dehydrated hair look healthy and revitalized. I really needed this serum for my hair thinning and dry scalp problem I am very excited to try it. I am very impressed only in 2 weeks results.

Many thanks to Collective Laboratories for creating this amazing product that has really worked for my hair thinning problem. Overall, I am very pleased with the results and will continue to use it until run out to get the best results.

 Definitely this serum is amazing my hair looking healthier thicker and stronger. I can’t wait to see the best results after 4 weeks of use. 

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