I have been using this CLEASNER for a while now. I've seen lots of reviews and decided to try it out. 

Smell: I really like the smell of this cleasner. Its soft, subtle and very refreshing. It has the amazing cucumber smell that gives your face a great smell.

Texture: The texture of this cleasner is nice and gentle. It is perfect for all skin types. It's gentle enough to remove mascara as well. 

Packaging: The package is perfect for a cleasner. I love the bottle and how easy it is to use and store. 




Rose Water

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Overall, I really like this cleasner. I like how smooth my skin feels after I use it. It helps keep my skin clean, refreshed and hydrated. It doesn't leave behind a residue and it helps remove makeup without burning or irritating the skin. It's also very cooling and leaves your skin smelling FANTASTIC!!! You only need to use a small amount of this product to get the job done. For my skin, I've noticed it helps keep the oil shine on my face to a minimum. The price is a little pricey. It's $38.

Have you tried this cleasner yet? 😊😊😊😊

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  • Sarah

    I haven't tried this yet but I am very interested! I love the fresh scent of cucumber and the wash sounds so refreshing. Where is this sold?

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