Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

My favorite makeup remover that I've tried so far is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser! It's not specifically for removing makeup, as it's more of a face wash. However it takes off waterproof eye makeup like a charm!! I havent found anything as good or comparable to it this far! I literally only need to wash my face one time with it, to have it remove all my makeup at once! It quite literally melts the makeup residue away. No double cleansing for this girl, I wash my face once with it, and it removed everything!! It doesnt strip my dry skin either!! I am absolutely obsessed with this formula, and hope to find another one soon, as I love trying new cleansers!

Thoughts:This cleanser has a tiny bit of rose smell, but its very light. It doesnt break your skin out like some typical products do. The ingriedients in this cleanser are amazing. They didnt add any unwanted ingriedients. The packaging is very travel friendly. You also get alot of product for your money!

Feel: It doesnt suds up like normal soap, it instead almost feels like a serum! I only need about a quarter sized amount to remove everything off my face.

Comparing: I've tried micellar water before, but it just doesnt do the trick. I used coconut oil for years, but had to stop because it clogged my pores too much. I tend to gravitate towards an oily type makeup remover, just so it can be hydrating as well. I havent been able to find an eye makeup remover like this ever!

I have dry skin, so if I can find something that doesnt strip my face, that would be amazing!! I highly reccomend this to anyone looking for a non greasy, non striping face cleanser. I wear extremely full coverage foundation, and heavy eye makeup on a daily, and if this takes it off, its 1000 percent worth the money. I would actually consider paying about twice the price of this.

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