Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream Review

Pro: fresh products have never let me down! Every one of their item's I've tried so far has worked out perfectly as if customized clinic care. Their website kindly outlines all the ingredients used and are of natural ingredients like sugar. 

Con: a bit expensive compared to other options available. I've heard the strong floral fragrance is not for everyone. 

I have just an average skin type: bit oily around T-zone, dry elsewhere, lately (in my late 20s now) concerning for appearance of wrinkles around eyes and mouth, etc etc. It's not super sensitive other than the blemishes I get after playing with my cat. 

Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

It hasn't been very long I have started using the fresh lotus face cream ($42). In fact I'm just going through the second jar. However I'm already a fan of this fresh product and you will be too once you've tried. Unlike Vivian, my nightly skincare routine is very simple (if any). I have to confess that I may not remove my makeup off my face before passing out once-in-a-quite-often-while. Other nights, I do what the other least human beings do: wash & apply moisturizer!

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is very easy to spread. I do my usual 5 dots on a face and just spread them out. It has this distinct but very subtle lotus smell that's similar to cool cucumber and I love it. Sitting in room temperature, the cool cream has a calming effect to it, too.  Fresh website states that their formula is "proprietary Super 7 that provides 24 hours of moisture."

The above photo is before the cream set into my skin yet. It has no artificial chemicals to trick my eyes. And the below is after the cream has been well absorbed into my skin. It is really soft and evened out when you feel it with your fingertips. And definitely more moisturized! 

It isn't whole lot oily either. And when I test the test with another piece of oil control film some time after the application (10 minutes?) you get minimal darkened area. 

I do agree for the long lasting moisture. It might be the brisk weather too but I find my skin condition being the same hours after having washed my face & applying my cream immediately. Of course I can no longer smell the fresh cucumbery scent that excites me anymore though. It is not heavy on your skin and never oily at all. I alternate evening application between this and another balm type cream for more stickiness to tighten my skin. Fresh cream is perfect for morning application before makeups! Personally it is hard to tell of enhanced radiance but I do admit I have no complaints on my conditions of my skin ever since I started using Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream (phew, such a long name!). I do get comments on the brightness of my face but I....think it's more my foundation. :-P) Vivian has also bought a jar recently, so you'd be able to make a direct comparison very soon! *Hint: Viv has more dry skin.

Thanks for reading! :-)

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