Freeman Beauty Infusion Sea Kelp Mask

 I came across this fantastic mask while doing one of my rounds at the dollar tree. I swear sometimes you find some real gems hiding in their lol. Anyway freeman beauty purifying in shower mask contains sea kelp and probiotics. It is a serum infused gel based mask and contains tiny sea salt granules that are intended to lightly exfoliate the skin. 
Sea kelp helps renew and clarify the skin while probiotics help to balance the skins eco system helping to prevent breakouts. This mask is quick and easy to use and takes only 60 seconds out of your skincare routine. 

The exfoliation is minimally abrasive and really doesn’t cause any irritation ( at least from my personal experience). It does contain a bit of fragrance but if you are not someone who really cares about fragrance in your skincare than I must admit that it smells so incredibly refreshing. This mask promotes healthy beautiful glowing skin that you will love to show off. I love this mask ❤️❤️❤️ 

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