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Warm & Neutral Foxy Eyeshadow Look for Summer to Fall transition πŸ€©πŸ‚

Hello, beauties! This time I'm bringing you the perfect fierce eye makeup look with only 3 eyeshadows! 😍😍
I love transitioning my makeup in to fall just in the right amount! πŸ‚  I started with this intense but not super dark makeup look - it's like a harvest season/not-quite-spooky kinda vibe.
I'm using my Morphe palette which has been great for me all the way through summer and is still my go-to in mid-September! πŸ˜©πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
But this technique can be done with ANY shades - just choose 3... a medium transition shade, a darker medium crease shade, and an extra dark eyeliner-worthy shade. You could even use different colors other than neutral brown tones! Go crazy!
Here is my step-by-step which you can see detailed on slide 3....
First step 🀩 Shade 1 - "MR. DIVA" - a warm brown transition shade, a perfect starter for this dark-but-not-too-dark eyeshadow look.
I started by using an angular brush to draw a soft winged "eyeliner" (using only shadows!) πŸ’• any small brush would work πŸ‘Œ
Second step 😘 Shade 2 - "BOSS ANGELES"
I did the same technique with "Boss Angeles" on top of the inside of the Mr. Diva shade to darken the inner edges and give it more depth (aka drama😍)
I also added Boss Angeles on my bottom lashes 🀩🀩
Bonus Step πŸ₯° once the darker "Boss Angeles" shade is where you want it, go back in with "Mr. Diva" and brush lightly above the crease. This is just for a little contrast, not so much that it would take attention away from the bold wing. I like to do this after adding the darker shade because it gives me a better idea of the full picture. (I also added some mascara here)
Third Step ❀️ Shade 3 - "FAST LANE"
The last shade is the one that really amps this look up to the next level. Following the same pattern as before (lighter outside, darker inside), I used the dark black shade "Fast Lane" to draw my thinnest line of the wing, and as a smoky eyeliner across the top. Adding some black to the bottom lash line also really makes the falsies look extra full.
The most important part of my look is that inner corner wing, the one that makes it look FOXY ~ follow the natural shape of the eye like an extension of the wing made on the outer corner and only use one shadow for this - too many and it can get messy. I like to use the black for this step so it's really noticeable! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•
Fourth step πŸ’• Aaaand totally optional for you of course but I had to apply some bomb lashes to complete the look! 😍😍
I LOVE this dramatic yet wearable natural look. The colors in the soft wing turned out rich and dimensional, and the fox eye is such a fun trend to add on.
Plus the blend of these three warm neutral colors match my brown eyes beautifully. πŸ₯°
Overall I love this look and so does Instagram! This was my most popular recent eyeshadow look so that definitely says something.
I hope I get to wear this to something fun this season 😁

πŸ€” What makeup trends have you been trying lately or would want to try?
πŸ€” What do you think about this eyeshadow look? Would you try it yourself?
πŸ€” And what's your go-to for fall? 😍😍
Thanks for reading!

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  • christina newman

    It looks so beautiful

  • Kylee Ott

    love neutrals

  • Lovie Croll

    Do you think this look would be ok for an older woman like myself? πŸ‘€

  • Lovie Croll

    Wow that's beautiful Montse! I've never mastered how to apply eyeshadow like that, even at my age! I wish I could apply that to my eyes correctly. I will definitely be practicing, wish me LOTS of luck!

  • Kellie

    Love the warm colors. You have such great taste❀❀❀❀

  • Pauline

    You always look sensational in eyewear. Good photo pics for you in this review. I tend to wear the same tend with lining lids and shadowing and blending with highlighting near bottom brow. I color in and brush brown into my brow to soften it. I want to try more plum with light brown. I like blending over together on the eye lid. My go to for fall I have not thought up yet just trying Fall colors that go with fall fashion wear. Browns, tans and blacks.

  • Kate Guinn

    Beautiful! I'm gonna have to try this out!

  • Rella Farris

    Wow very pretty! Aboustly love it!

  • Christina Radford


  • Caer

    I wanna try this product, this looks so awesome!!

  • B

    OMG this is amazing! I love the look and can't wait to try it! I'm often super lazy and usually try to do a quick mimic of this is a medium shade and a liner, but this shows how the full affect can make it work! I love the less is more idea so this soft smoky that can be work or fun, is perfect. The only addition i do is if it's Pop look, add a shiny shimmer over all and/or a liquid gold/shiny line

  • Jennifer Britt

    Smokey eyes has always been my fave !!!!

  • Sylvia Foster

    Wow, great job first of all, ( very amazing work) Second of all loving the color options lots of different looks. I think for me I'd use the browns, and the golds, and maybe some dark reds. Who knows, I am more of a summer fan. But I love the colors of fall. But I would tone it down for sure to a more warm subtle look.

  • Caer

    Ooh this looks so great! I wanna try this so bad!!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Very nice review and I like the color palette as well because it has a big array of colors to choose from.

  • Heather

    i don't believe in less is more for myself haha. I love to have a huge variety of makeup. The only problem is that I'm constantly running out of room and have to look for new ways to store all of my makeup. I really have a problem buying makeup that is on sale to. I cannot pass up a good deal haha. I do a smokey eye even in the summer but I love fall shades so that is what i am most excited for!!!

  • Cudisha

    I would love to try this product

  • Minerva

    Wow! So pretty 😍 I would definitely give this a try!. Thanks for all the detailed instructions to achieve this amazing look!

  • Deanna Straub

    Montse, you are so very beautiful. It's no wonder Instagram loves you so much. This post couldn't be any better. Your directions and photos are spot on. Perfect. I love the Jeffrey Star pallet. Your eyeshadow looks are perfect for fall or anytime. I do the same neutral colors for the season too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Sarah Goodrich

    Wow, this is something I think I need in my life. The colors are so me. I just wish I was as talented as this certain model or make up artist in these pictures!

  • Gia

    Would love to try this

  • Christy Lee

    Ohh I love this warm smokey eye look! Neutral eyes are my absolute faves for year-round, but I love rocking a golden brown eyeliner when the weather gets colder in fall! I love the golden hues of the falling leaves, so I try to match my makeup to the scenery! πŸ˜‚πŸ I think I’m also super excited for holiday party makeup (if they’ll even happen this year😭), but I normally love breaking out my falsies and going for a full-glam look for holiday parties!

  • Kelly K

    You are gorgeous!!! I'm all for the less is more look except for special occasions, then I go all out. Like fourth of July and Christmas I like shimmer! I keep my beauty purchases in check my setting a monthly budget and by keeping track of everything I spend. My favorite Fall looks are warm Smokey colors and special holiday looks!

  • Yajaira Hernandez

    Beautiful makeup

  • Jen

    I really like this look! I would totally try that. I love smokey eyes.

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