This mask is pretty straightforward and simplistic along the lines of ingredients and sometimes that is necessary in some cases when it comes to skincare. This mask is made with 100% pure cica extract and is intended to strengthen the skins moisture barrier as well as soothe skin irritation. This mask is suggested for those with dry or sensitive skin. The mask itself is of a gel consistency with what appears to be herbs 🌿 mixed into it. I pretty much applied a thin layer to my face and let it sit for about ten minutes before wiping the mask off. It did have a somewhat nice cooling and calming affect to it. Just like most typical gel masks. My skin overall felt soft and very much moisturized. One thing I noticed above anything else was the scent. This mask has a very strong overwhelming scent of herbs. Which I wouldn’t necessarily say is a bad thing but you will surely understand what I’m talking about once you remove the top and start applying this mask to your face. Overall I really like this mask. I personally believe it will definitely come in handy at those moments when my skin is feeling irritated and looking more on the reddish side. It calms the skin while infusing it with moisture which seems pretty essential to a good skincare routine. I use exfoliants quite a lot wether it be chemical or mechanical and because of that my skin tends to get a little red and irritated. So it is safe to say I will be using this mask quite often lol. 

Benefits of Cica: Cica has a huge list of skin benefits, but it is most well known for its healing, soothing, antibacterial, and inflammatory properties, meaning it is ideal for sensitised skin. Cica skincare is great for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, scarring, and cellulite, and are incredibly moisturising.

Ingredients list: Centella Asiatica Leaf/Stem Powder
Centella Asiatica Leaf Water(Extract)72%
Natural hubcomplex-[Geum Urbanum, Lavandula, Jasmine Extract] 

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