First Time Trying A Superfood Face Moisturizer

Hi guys it’s Montse! 👋 Today I’m back trying out another skincare product by Trisha Watson Organics. Don’t miss my last video trying out Trisha Watson’s Beyond Grateful Detoxifying Cleanser! 👉 Charcoal Face Wash 👀
Here’s my review…
🌿 Brand Details: Trisha Watson creates her makes her natural skincare products using organic farming practices. This small-batch skincare line is sustainable, eco-friendly and anti-pollution.
💯 About The Product: A medium weight moisturizer packed with skin-loving ingredients like Aloe, Shea and Jojoba oil with antioxidants.
🎁 The Packaging: The amber glass bottle is just like the Beyond Grateful Cleanser - classy, eco-friendly packaging that would look great with any collection.
👍 Application & Use: Planted Superfood Moisture feels almost like a whipped consistency, and a pea-sized amount covers my whole face. It feels soft and smooth and gave my face a nice sheen!
💭 Final Thoughts: Just as in my previous video, I do like this product and would recommend you to try it out. It’s definitely different than your typical moisturizer so you should definitely check it out here!
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My next video will be the Juno & Co. Velvet Microfiber Sponge (Coming soon!)

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