First review of my PrismPop bag

I love the packaging and the application would be easy to do with it I definitely recommend the products to anyone who loves skincare and makeup the scent of the products are not over whelming and I love the sudtle scent of it it makes me think about food thank you so much prison pop for the opportunity to not only be able to do this but being a part of this community I am very grateful for this opportunity to be able to test new products and share my thoughts with others 

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  • Jessica Bryant

    I loved them as well!!! What a haul!

  • Shannon Grant

    I enjoyed testing all of the products out, but I think the retail price of most of the products are astronomical! I don’t know many people who could afford them.

  • Nicole Ragle

    So glad you got the Tester too, this is My 1st one and I love it!

  • Tracey Parnell

    I'm so excited about receiving my first sample bag ..on my way to reviews now thanks guys

  • sally peabody

    I just got my bag !!

  • Melissa Griffith

    So glad you were able to get a tester bag too. I received one as well and really enjoyed all of these products. I think my favorite was the Bell Pepper serum.

  • tia

    I got it too so excited

  • Anna hudson

    I tried all ,and reviewed them all,yes that s was fun,most worked great for me,I have sensitive skin so not all worked,,I absolutely fell in love with the pins colada ,sugar,lip scrub,smells awesome and made my lips very soft,thank you so much prism pop for letting me try these products,I even kept the zip lock bags cause there cute. :)

  • Anna hudson

    I'd love to try a bag, :)

  • Tiffany

    I got a Prismpop bag as well and enjoyed the products I've used do far!

  • Katy Gutridge

    By far this bag was great I loved all of the products.

  • sally peabody

    That is a great gift ! Do they send them out randomly or do I need to sign up for one ? I have been on PrismPop awhile now...hopefully. Very nice share Thank you !!!!

  • Chelli counts

    I just got it in the mail last night and I have not used them yet but I definitely will be today thank you so much prison pop I am very grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to being able to try more products in the future I will definitely share myself getting to use them this morning as I just got up to try them out in my skincare routines and again thank you