First Impressions Trying Out Fruit Acid Peeling Jelly

First time trying!
Directions say don't rub it in, just let it sit 1-3 minutes.
Cold water neutralizes the acid to wash it off
I don't see a difference yet but I'll keep you posted as time goes on and I use it more!
Have you ever done a peel treatment for your face? Would you try this?
Hit that "I Wanna Try" button to let me know!
Thanks to PrismPop and ReFresh Skin Therapy for this awesome little product!

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  • Julia F

    Love this kind of thing! I'm always looking for more things like that to try!

  • Johniya

    I wanna try!

  • Nirva

    Great review

  • brenda dobson

    I would love to try this product!

  • Brittany Hayes

    This looks amazing 😍

  • linda umbenhour

    really cute package

  • Natalie

    This looks amazing and I would love to try

  • Janice Williams

    You stated, it stings a little. So o guess the product is working in your pores. Thanks

  • Mandy Hart

    this looks amazing I need to try this

  • Mandy Hart

    I haven't tried a face peel like this, have you tried it a 2nd time and if so did u notice any results?

  • a

    This looks great to try!

  • Amber Sloan

    I'd love to try this out πŸ’•

  • Tamara Ortiz

    Hi Arrianna! Thank you for sharing your experience with the Fruit Acid Peeling Jelly. I'm somewhat of a fan of acidic skincare. Only because my skin is super sensitive. I also suffer from plaque psoriasis. Which, sometimes, a flare up could pop up on my face. I'm very interested in trying out the Fruit Acid Peeling Jelly. Yet I'm a leery of acidic skincare. I wouldn't want to try it, if I were to have a flare up on my face again. Great video by the way! I still would love to try it out! I bet it smells great! ☺️

  • Patricia

    This acid peel jelly looks great, plus I live the packaging, I do acid peels every other week, because my skin is sometimes more sensitive than usual, always making sure I extra moisturize and use spf, but the results are always amazing, nothing makes skin glow like acid peels for sure! Thanks for great review!

  • Tiffany

    I am a big fan of utilizing acids in my skin care regimen. They can greatly help exfoliate dead skin, acids are good for removing the top layer of dead skin showing the new skin underneath.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I don't know if I would like a peel. I would have to try one first but I prefer masks because I have sensitive skin.

  • Jessie bennett

    I love my AHA and BHAs. I wear makeup daily, and the weather is fierce where I live. Rough, dry and frigid winters, hot and humid summers. I love skincare that allows my skin to regenerate to it's full potential, to always look healthy and glowing no matter the weather.

  • Carrie Burrus

    I have never tried a peel treatment. I would love to though. Great video!

  • Nicole Christine

    I love acid peels! I'm going to put this on my list to try!

  • Megan Davis

    I've never peeled my face. Sounds a bit scary. I mean I guess I would be down to try it can't be worse than peeling a sun burn and then promising flawless skin.

  • Mercy

    I like products like this .They refresh tour face and get rid of any bacteria on face .I don't even mind the tingling feeling

  • Maria C.

    I love skincare products with acids such as AHA and BHA. I have discovered that my skin reacts wonderful to these ingredients. I would absolutely love to try this gentle acid peel because I have pitted acne scars and this beauty might be the miracle skincare product that helps them fade, plus the cute little orange on the packaging is just so adorable! Great review, I know products need time to work so your first impression is very appreciated. I can't wait to see your long term use review!

  • jessica powell

    I love acidic ingredients in my skincare because they help to remove dead skin & reveal glowing, fresh skin! <3

  • Tina Dalasinski

    I never done a face peel but would love to try one I like trying new things when it comes to my skincare.😍

  • yona garlit

    I have never done a face peel nor had a face peel done. After your review and watching your video I am definitely game to try this. My skin is a little more mature so I wonder how my skin would react as it is pretty sensitive. Thank you for the review and great video. :)

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