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First impressions - Stop hair loss, hair oily solved?

I'm a Mother of 1-year-old daughter. After giving birth, I found myself suddenly coping with terrible hair loss! 
I have tried as much as shampoo and conditioner but they all don't work on me.
Even my Mother told me to try the Asian traditional way that I would wash my hair with the fresh grapefruit dumped in boiled water... It still doesn't work on me.
So all that being said, I'm so excited to try this serum.

The Prismpop Tester Bag came to my door with a pink package. Inside the bag, The Activating Serum box is with green leaves onto the white background. Look so fresh and sophisticated. 

The Activating Serum inside the box is a dark brown container. The design is so smart with a spout make me be easier to take out the serum and apply to the root of my hair. I love that design so much.

The scent is great. Not too much as is some hair treatment usually have. 

I have been used this Activating Serum for 5 days and I can feel the difference. My hair, surely, still loss but more satisfactory and the oiliness was decreased. 
the first impression is positive so that I will keep using the Activating Serum hope it can help me out and stop my hair loss.

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