First Ever Prismpop Tester Bag Nailed it with Color Club Polish

I am so thrilled that I got to try out all these amazing colors from Color Club thanks to Prismpop. The colors are all to die or and the quality of them is amazing!

COBBLER GOBBLER:  A gorgeous neon peachy coral that almost glows in the dark. I love how easy it is to apply and that it is so highly pigmented you only need one coat to get that full rich color. 

MARTIAN, MARTIAN, MARTIAN:  Amazing brilliant green that reminds me of a vintage minty color that goes perfect with any springtime wardrobe. Once again, this color is highly pigmented and true to the bottle color with only one coat and no need for a shiny topcoat, this polish is brilliant enough alone. 

MATTE-ERIAL GIRL:  I adore this gorgeous rosy golden color that seems to change with the light. At first glance, it's a gorgeous bright gold glitter in the sun. Then when you move your hand in the light you see amazing swirls of a pinkish rosy gold color. 

FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER:  This reminds me of a really cool 1950 powder blue color, the polish is amazing and true to bottle color with only one coat with no need to apply a shiny topcoat. This will in no way leave you feeling under the weather but instead like a vintage Hollywood starlet. 

YES, OF QUARTZ:  OMG, this is the most gorgeous pearl pink color I have ever seen. It has tons of shine like glitter and it seems pearl white at first but when you move in the light there are gorgeous pink sparkles that shine like diamonds in the polish. This by far is my favorite of all these polishes, it does, however, take two coats for it to be a thick color like the bottle, which is what I prefer but it is amazing as a shiny gloss on your nail too. 

I am so pleased I got to try all these out and am in love with this brand. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants amazing color with no retouching needed. Take a peek at the collage below to see how they look applied. 



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  • Sabrina

    Congrats! Those are all beautiful! 💜

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Loved this review! I was also selected to test these nail polishes and loved them too! My favorite as Martian Martian Martian. Least favorite were the cobbler gobbler and feeling under the weather. They were both thin and sheer to me. But cobbler gobbler ended being an awesome accent color. So it also ended up being a favorite. Haha. Thanks for the review, I enjoy reading what other people thought about them. Stay safe.

  • sally peabody

    What a beautiful review !! I love that you changed rings for each color it truly makes the whole color presentation pop ! Fabulous description of the application of each color and how it dried etc. Very nice review !!

  • Micheala

    Can't wait to get mine