First Aid Waterfall Cream

Very noticeable packaging for this beauty aid cream. Red and white can be seen and for some strange reason it eye catching! The boxing and tube has Korean language as well as English language so we know what we're using. And it also has this design like a chemistry link. This beauty aid cream is used to give the ultra high rich moisture to your skin. Use Alone as a moisturizer , as a primer under your makeup. With extracts of centella asiatic and portulaca oleracea to relax stressed skin. It increases firmness and elasticity which is something I need in my life. 

To use this, you can use this as the last step before the clenser and toner in your skincare routine as your moisturizer. This first aid cream will make even oily skin types want more. It so nourishing and replenishing for the skin. Leaves it looking plump and feeling smooth. It's non-oily and it will also help with long lasting makeup. You start to notice the difference in how your skin feels instantly after you apply.  

The Beauty Aid cream feels very moisturized and like a light cream. It has a thickness to it. But it feels good on my skin. kinda has a medicine scent to it like a rubbing cream. With ceramide Bifida ferment lysate it made for dehydrated and sensitive skin. You have to use it for a while of course before you may see any results on the firmness and elasticity. So if you want to see definition you may have to use this twice a day. I hope you liked my take on this touch in SOL First Aid Beauty Cream. What will you use this for? Primer or moisturizer...

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