Finishing Touch... Yay or Nay?

Hey y'all! For years I've tried everything from shaving to waxing to plucking to remove all my baby fuzz. The Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover is frequently an infomercial in my area. I'm always skeptical but when I found this on Amazon for only 💲10.99 I had to try it out.

Below is the before and after (l-r):


And here is a straight on shot before tackling the other side of my face.

After doing the first side I decided to see what sort of progress had been made.... 😫EWW! Check out that ball of fuzz and dead skin!

After doing my other side I thought I would show ya what it looks like apart:

📦Packaging: comes boxed up nice and secure. Once out of package it's slightly larger than a tube of your favorite lippie 💄. Cap is easy to remove. 

💲Price: Amazon pricing between $10.99- $29.99; the price differs on model and color choice. Biggest difference I could see was the original model (one I got) has a battery you must replace while the higher price point at $29.99 is the newest model and it comes with a rechargeable battery. 

🎨Product: I chose the original product in its original rose coloring. It was shown in Chrome, Gold, and Blue but at higher price points up to $15.99. It's a pretty straight forward device. When you first get it you must insert battery by removing the lid, then pulling in the rose gold shaver to reveal the slot for battery. It takes one AA battery and the first is included. It comes with a small bristle brush to remove the hair which you do by gripping the shaver piece while in off more and twist pulling up. It also has a built in light so when using and I'm on position it lights up area you are shaving. You use circular motions to allow the rose gold head to grip and remove your hair.

💭Opinion: I was pleasantly delighted by finding this product so easy to use and by how well it worked. One side of my face is always full of more fuzz than the other (first side I did). It took about 2 minutes moving in a circular motion over my entire cheek into neck area to remove the first side. My other side took about a minute. It was easy to do a quick swipe if I missed a spot initially. The device itself is very lightweight and got easily in my hand. Once I was finished with my entire face I did an exfoliating mask so I could get any residual dry skin off. Once my face was clean it was amazing how smooth I looked. Never have I had something work this well and cause no pain!! With traditional razors I end up with bumps, plucking is painful and time consuming, and waxing is just painful. Only issue I can even comment on is so minuscule I almost don't want to say... But just as with shaving traditionally you can end up with some prickly spots that just don't go away no matter how many times you go over it. I found I had this profile affect on the hawking closer to me ear. But otherwise worked like a dream and the results are heavenly.

👍out of 10: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 only from the few prickly spots but this is a definite YAY from me. 

 **as an added plus it is around $10 to purchase 2 replacement shaver heads off amazon!

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  • Rachel Lokos

    Did the hair grow back thicker or darker? Great review. I’m going to follow you ❣️

  • Ann Thomas

    Great review, I think I will it a try. My facial hair are growing like crazy!

  • Jessica Bryant

    What an excellent review! I see from the pictures that I works amazingly well!! I’m really surprised that there was no pain at all!!❤️❤️

  • Mandie

    I have this and I never thought about using it on my peach fuzz!! I have a dermaplanner sitting in the box still lol

  • sally peabody

    I have or had one. It is very nice indeed. unfortunately i showed it to a co worker and never saw it again...lol. It is great for fuzz but I did think that the hairs around my chin and mouth were growing back more quickly and beard like. Now I derma plane a bit but do wish I had this back. Great review. I love how you showed every aspect of it.

  • Sarah

    Wow that's awsome! Currently I use a plain straight dermblade which works great but am definitely interested in this!! Thanks for this.