Finally Got My Hands on this Highly Anticipated Foundation

Well, I finally got my hands on this heavily anticipated foundation. I discovered that bareMinerals was launching a liquid foundation a few months ago and I eagerly awaited the day for it to launch. QVC began selling it prior to the official May launch date, but I waited until I could get properly color matched before I bought it.
I approached the display at a bareMinerals store and grabbed the bottle I thought would be closest to my skin tone. An employee hurried over, offered to help, and directed me to a bottle about 5 shades lighter than what was in my hand.
Don’t be swayed by the color of the bottles if you are shopping alone.
He set me up with the shade “bare shell” and it is exactly the right color. I told him that I used “fairly light” when I used to use bareMinerals loose powder foundation regularly. According to him, “bare shell” is comparable to “fairly light” in powder.
He suggested I get the brush but I turned him down.
I own a lot of brushes. I figured I could use what I have at home. But, after giving it a bit of thought, I decided to purchase the dedicated brush for this serum foundation in order to try it in the best possible way–the way it’s meant to be used.
I applied Laura Mercier Foundation Primer to my skin prior to applying the foundation.
Next, I placed one drop in the well of the brush and buffed that into my forehead. I continued down to my cheeks, applying one more drop as I got to new parts of my face (so, 4 drops total).
The coverage was fantastic. Fuller than I thought it would be, but it didn’t look too heavy. You know how some serums can have a gel-like feel on the skin? This doesn’t feel like that. It feels a little bit heavier, and just ever so slightly more oily. I really hesitate to write the word “oily” as a descriptive term, but if you use it you’ll know what I mean. It didn’t leave me shiny, nor did it feel greasy, it just felt hydrating. I set it with bareMinerals Mineral Veil and then examined closely.
I really love the way it looks on my skin. I was expecting a sheer finish, but was pleased that it left my skin flawless but without a cake-y finish. In general, I really enjoyed it! I tend to have dry skin, so this formula works for me. I would imagine, but don’t know for sure, that if you lean towards to oily end of the spectrum, you may not like how this feels on your skin. But, if you have normal to dry skin, this should work perfectly for you.
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  • Ashley Chiarello

    I got a sample of this and I haven’t tried it yet. Glad to hear it looks great on dry skin, I am excited to try this!

  • Corissa Reviews

    This sounds like such a great foundation. My dry skin always gives foundation cracks and cake-y appearance. So hearing this has more hydration is a definite plus. Now I've got to run to the mall and give this a try! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. 💋

  • Sharon Swoboda

    I have never found the perfect foundation The sunspots and blotchy areas on my face have kept me from going for makeup analysis. Too self conscious and embarrassed to have someone looking closely at my skin. I'd probably go broke having to purchase all the stuff they'd say I needed. But it certainly looks like an option that could work. I've used the Bare Mineral Powders before and really liked them! May I please have the opportunity to try one?

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