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Fight Night with TARTE mascara

The ultimate showdown! What's up,my prismpop beauties! I just recieved the Tarte Gifted Amazonian clay mascara in my June Allure Beauty Box, and I noticed I already had some Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes & decided I needed to make a comparison post. I was really surprised about the results on who won this battle, Enjoy the breakdown!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, LASHES  MASCARA                               📣Curls & separates every lash with 360 degree magniLASH wand Creates a naturally defined & voluminous look Rice bran, olive esters & provitamin B5 help soften & nourish lashes Box made with soy ink - please recycle!                                                                          

😍Vegan Ophthalmologist tested Safe for contact lens wearers Dermatologist tested 24-hr wear 24-hr smudge-proof 24-hr flake-free Clinically proven to volumize, lengthen & curl lashes Lashes appear 17% longer 35% increase in lash curl


📣Boosts thickness, length & curl delivers soft, weightless volume blend of antioxidants & conditioners replenish lashes it's like a lash treatment & mascara in 1 CLINICAL RESULTS dermatologist tested vegan ophthalmologist tested safe for contact lens wearers SKINVIGORATING™ INGREDIENTS amazonian clay: balances, nourishes, hydrates, replenishes and repairs to promote healthy, more voluminous lashes

😍rice wax: natural wax that helps lengthen lashes carnauba wax: an emollient from the leaves of the carnauba palm to ensure a smooth application olive esters: condition, treat & protect lashes provitamin B5: helps hydrate & improve the appearance of lashes vitamin C: antioxidant that fights free radicals mineral pigments: soothe & soften skin around the lashline

So this was a really quick fight! The GIFTED AMAZONIAN CLAY MASCARA took the win on this one! Now if I had stopped at 1 coat, LIGHTS,CAMERA,LASHES woulda won. They are honestly both perfectly amazing, and I wish I coulda said that they were exactly the same, but when it came to applying that 2nd coat, GAC just knocked LLC out COLD. 

To be fair, my eyelashes are a pair of dicks 😆 I was surprised how well the GAC looked after 2 coats because usually, my eyelashes just clump together right away, like it did with the LCL. These 2 products are the same weight, length, same smell, it must have been the *Carnauba in the GAC that really made the difference. Do I still love LCL? Hell yes.

Thank you for viewing! Have you tried either of these mascaras? Which is your favorite? Wanna try them both? Hit the 😍❤ and comment below! I'll see you soon! ✌




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  • Jackie

    This is too cute, I love it! I have tried neither but would start with Amazonian after seeing your fun and informative comparison.