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Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation Review


I recently moved from Dallas to Houston and let me just say… there’s a HUGE difference in weather.
The humidity is intense in Houston and when it’s raining it’s still hot.


Pray for me.

 I am currently in between foundations- MAC Studio Fix and Makeup Forever Matte Velvet. I typically gravitate towards the matte velvet because I feel it controls the oils in my face better while giving me a good coverage.  

Living in Houston, my foundation gets oily so quick and I’m a major oily face gal. I also get sweaty quicker on my forehead, nose, and above my lips.

So when I saw Rihanna’s Fenty foundation come out I was uber excited!



I’ve been wearing this foundation for about 3 weeks now. I wash my face and put on moisturizer like I normally do.

I never use primer only because I feel it doesn’t make a difference for me if I wear it or not. So I just skip it- why not.

With the MAC foundation I usually put translucent powder before applying that way I don’t get as oily as I normally would. With the Makeup Forever I don’t do that since it does pretty well with the oils.

For the Fenty foundation I wanted to use it without anything holding it back so I could get a sense of how it felt by itself. I recommend shaking the bottle really well so everything gets mixed around. They recommend applying the foundation to the center of the face and then blending outwards toward the hairline.

The texture of the foundation is smooth and silky.

I applied it with a damp beauty blender and the finish of the foundation looked so natural and felt like I had absolutely nothing on my face. With the MAC foundation I always feel like I have too much on my face, almost cake-like. You honestly don’t need a lot of this product.

While it looked natural, the foundation covered my blemishes well and I felt like a better looking version of me.

The first thing that I liked about this product was the fact that it came with a pump. (I know.. big deal.) BUT SERIOUSLY, not a lot of foundation products come with pumps anymore or you have to purchase it separately *thumbs down*.

The MAC studio fix does not come with a pump and I constantly have to turn the bottle upside down and spread it on my hand and then my hand gets dirty and I accidently get it on my shirt while touching everything.. so basically- it’s a hot mess. You get the picture. With the Makeup Forever matte velvet, I have to squeeze the bottle to get foundation out so it’s not as messy as the MAC foundation. So YAY for pumps!

The other thing that I liked about the foundation is the range of shades and undertones. FORTY SHADES. Who does that? Oh wait, Rihanna does! *hair flip* I was very impressed since there’s only a few companies who have a wide range of shades (Makeup Forever, Nars, etc.)

There’s no way someone would not be able to find their shade with this foundation. The pigment is really true to it’s color and matched my skin to a tee.  I normally mix 2 different foundation colors together due to different shades in my skin to get a perfect match and thankfully I didn’t need to do that with the Fenty foundation. Major money saver!

I wear this foundation all day while I’m working or running errands in the Houston heat and it truly lasts all day. I feel with the Makeup Forever I have to touch up my makeup if I’m going out at night because it fades during the day.

I normally have to blot my MAC foundation about 2 times a day and my Makeup Forever once a day to prevent any oils from having a party on my face, but with the Fenty foundation I didn’t have to blot at all (definitely a plus in my book!) I did get a little sweaty on my nose and above my lip area, but not as much as usual.

My foundation looked the same way it did when I first applied it.


I would recommend this product to all skin types only if you like the matte finish. If you like the more dewy type of finish, this isn’t the product for you.

Since I am a makeup artist, I would love to use this product on clients who like a matte look because it stays for a long time and will hold up on long wedding days. It would be great if Rihanna came out with a small foundation kit so that artists could have all the colors instead of buying the colors separately. Rihanna, if you’re reading this please talk this over with your team, I would appreciate it. Thanks :)

Overall, this product is worth purchasing. For me, this product is better than the MAC and Makeup Forever foundations when it comes to oily skin and lasting all day. I’m in awe with this foundation and will be replacing it with my old ones. This is definitely a game changer and this makes me love Rihanna even more than I already do.


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    Mary Hinks

    Wow, your skin looks so smooth it really does look like a filter! I really want to try this foundation now.