Fenty Gloss Bomb - Is it the Bomb?

Hi, PrismPop! I'm Carly Lind 🎶 here with my second video!🥰
When I saw this Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer I HAD to try it!👀
💭Thoughts on the Gloss
✨The product is SUPER shiny, glossy and stays on
🍉Smells amazing like watermelon!
👄First time trying this product and it is so worth it will be buying it!
🔥Ok, Rihanna GO OFF!
🤔 Have you tried this? What is your favorite thing about this gloss?
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  • User dummy

    Omg. That is so cute. Such a beautiful shine! I want it!

  • Look 1119993

    This is such a pretty gloss!

  • User dummy

    I soooo wanna try this

  • User dummy

    I love glosses that have a smell :)

  • Look received 1184136345107849 2
    Misty Potts

    I would definitely wear this

  • Look 46828863 10157205601294505 2040437863094419456 o


  • Look martine

    Totally something I’d wear, it’s great with your skin tone too!

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