Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb is Universally Beautiful

What’s up it’s Arianna Jonae! I’m doing another fabulous Fenty Beauty by Rihanna product today for the very first time - the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer!
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About this product…
So I actually thought I hadn’t tried this before but as soon as I put it on I realized I have definitely felt this fabulous creation bless my lips once before! And it was just as amazing this time around!
👄 Fenty Gloss Bomb goes on smooth and satisfying, and makes my lips seriously shine!
👄 The formula is juicy and looks thick but wears nicely and doesn’t stick at ALL! Like how, Rihanna??
👄 I feel SO GOOD in Fenty’s Lip Gloss, I want to stop everything and take a bunch of selfies. Anybody wanna do a photoshoot?? 📸
💕 Overall I LOVE this product, definitely want to purchase for myself, because I LOVE lip gloss and I LOVE Rihanna… what’s not to want?
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