Fenty Beauty Bronzer Sun Stalk’r Review & Swatches

🎨How Many Shades of Fenty Beauty Bronzer?

The Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer collection contains eight different bronzing shades. The shades promise to bring out the warmth in all skin tones, from the fairest to the deepest.

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  • India Sun

  • Shady Biz

  • Private Island

  • I$land Ting

  • Bajan Gyal

  • Caramel Cutie

  • Coco Naughty

  • Mocha Miami

⭐I have three of the shades to show you – India Sun, Bajan Gyal and Mocha Miami

⭐The texture is really lovely. It’s easy to blend and build and has been formulated to be transfer resistant which is great because I hate it when I get bronzer on my collars and necklines.

⭐It feels super smooth to the touch with a light and creamy texture. Once applied, the bronzer sets on to the skin for all day wear.

✅You can use the bronzers for all over warmth, or to sculpt and contour the face, so it’s a super versatile product. I also love to use bronzer on the eyes and these last really well as eyeshadow, even on my oily lids.

👍It delivers a lovely soft matte finish that’s very skin like, so it looks really natural and doesn’t add the texture of makeup, as such. You can still see skin.

👍The formula is enriched with mango and papaya fruit extracts to help get the skin really glowing.

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