Feeling Fresh with Organic Skin Co.!

My first big multi-product makeup review!

In this review, I’m going to be going over several different products from the Organic Skin Co.
Prior to this, I had never heard of the brand, so it was super exciting to get the opportunity to try out some of their products thanks to PrismPop!

Let’s take a look inside the bag!

✔️ The Eyes Have It Eyeshadow Pots: Silhouette

✔️ The Eyes Have It Eyeshadow Pots: Greenstone

✔️ Lotion Name: Task Force Nine Calendula & Turmeric Cream

✔️ Cheeky Lips Pods: Desert Storm

✔️ Lip Service Lipsticks: Galaxy

✔️ Lip Service Lipsticks: Summer Sands

💚🤍The Eyes Have It Eyeshadow:🤍💚

  • The eyeshadow is a creamy formula inside of a beautiful small pot with a gentle screw-off lid. 
  • The color is soft but pigmented and easily buildable for fuller color. 
  • It was very easy to blend, which honestly made using it a lot of fun, and the color behaved how I wanted it to easily. 

Tester Look Note: I used the Greenstone shade of eyeshadow for my tester look and I really liked the specific shade of green it was. It’s a rich, dark green that makes me think of mysterious forests in good books. I found it to be very complimentary to my dark eyes as well. 

💕Lip Service Lipstick💕

🌹Galaxy🌹: Light, buildable, more on the glossy side, berry red.

🌸Summer Sands🌸: Light, buildable, more on the matte side, pink/nude.

  • The lipstick is a snug, sharp, highly pigmented formula.
  • This is my favorite item out of all the products I got to try!
  • It’s a very snug and precise type of formula with excellent buildability for bolder color. 

Tester Look Note: I used the Galaxy shade of lipstick for this look and let me stop right now and say that I LOVE this color. The color is an incredibly rich formula that goes on smoothly but not slippery. It’s a berry red that I think is extremely flattering. It was very easy to apply and correct and didn't fade or bleed in the several hours that I wore it.

🧡Cheeky Lips Pod:🧡

  • The product is a cream formula in a pan resting inside of a plastic pod.
  • It’s highly pigmented and goes on very easily even with just your finger.
  • This particular shade is a very peachy-orange color and reminds me of the beach.

💛Task Force Nine -
Calendula And Turmeric Cream

  • Big love for this lotion! The texture is like soft butter in a tube. It smells so light and comfortable.
  • It isn’t greasy or thick, and absorbed into my hands quickly.
  • My hands are always looking rough so I’m really grateful to get to try something new to help them heal, and this product made my hands feel so nice. 

Overall I really enjoyed these products. The formulas were all very nice. The colors were great choices that I would normally pick, and they were very well pigmented and easy to build and blend. The packaging on the individual products is absolutely gorgeous and very easy to open and close.

I look forward to trying more items from Organic Skin Co. in the future!

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  • Nichole Parker

    These are amazing n i love the look u chose to do with them i love ur reviews n pics but can u give some advice on how to get picked to do reviews on here thanks so much in advance

  • Hibah

    This was a great post! I love all of the things in the bag. I didn’t get this tester bag, but I am so looking forward to trying out these! I have the shade summer sands in the lip service lipsticks, and I love the pink nude color it gives out! I really want to get the Calendula and Turmeric cream. It looks so interesting and moisturizing! I love creams, moisturizers, things like that. I have never tried out a cream eyeshadow before. Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing this 😊

  • Sylvia Foster

    I love the " eye's have it" Eye shadow. Looks super pigmented and great color.I love the lipstick too looks great on you, thanks for sharing.

  • Serené

    I love the detail in describing the products and you look gorgeous.

  • Pauline

    Great looking formula make up. Your demo Looks great on you. Your presentation is very professional and bio writes are good looking too! Creamy earthy easy put on make up and organic too! From eye make-up to lips it all fits. Can't wait to see you skin Co. future. Take Care!

  • Carrie Picadash

    I’m so impressed with the vibrant colors. They are so pigmented in a small package. I like the eyeshadow in the cream formula. It seems it would last longer on your eyes. The lipstick are such a beautiful rich color. The possibilities are endless this collection.

  • Tiffiny Pryles

    Love Your Review & LOVE These Products!!

  • Monique Roybal

    Love your review. You did an amazing look with your samples. I too was chosen to try out these products and agree with you.....these are amazing products. These products compliment you nicely and you created a beautiful look with them.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Gorgeous eyes love the coloring on you. I loved how detailed you were on products and which lip color you liked best. I am so intrigued now about using Task force nine I may just have to looking into sampling myself. Thanks for reviewing this line.

  • Juana

    I definitely need to try this out the colors are do beautiful.

  • Heloisa Andrade

    All of them looks very nice 👍🏻 congrats 🎉🎈🍾

  • Kourtney

    The colors look great on y'all I might have to try them. 💙

  • Shelly


  • Cheryl Drouin

    I'll take it all -- but the lipsticks look super duper cool!

  • Cindy Rosenbaum

    Looks very beautiful on you. Would love to try.

  • Christian Callaway

    Your post is amazing and I love all of your pictures. I was selected recently to try out this prism pop tester bag so i'm excited to try out the products soon! The eye shadow and lipstick look so great on you!

  • Violet

    The products really suit you. I love using hand creams that have a nice scent to them! I wouldn’t have to use perfume afterwards, plus I would have soft hands.

  • Jennifer Henning

    This is all so awesome. I love the lipsticks and eyeshadow. I would love to try of not all of these but at least all. As usual 😊

  • Joyce McDaniel

    My favorite beauty tools would be Lancome Genefique Dual Concentrate for this product works so well for my skin. Also love my Chi Blow Dryer because it gives my hair volume. This eye shadow is simply beautiful.

  • Lori Nixon

    I got a couple of favorite Beauty Tools I love using daily. I use my tweezers clean up my eye brows, then eyelash curler to curl my lashes, & my good old mirror that gives me the best lighting to apply my makeup.

  • Violet

    Wow! Products look great. My favorite tool I love to use is my Luna Mini 2 cleansing device. It is expensive, but I think it is worth it because when I use it cleansers as part of my daily routine, the device gently but thoroughly cleanses your face. My face now has looked better and for my acne cleansers, they have gotten more effective when I use it! My favorite products are hair masks because if you find the right ones, they can nourish your hair nicely and keep it soft and hydrated.

  • Deloris P.

    I'm reviewing my bag this week. I can't wait. Great review. The colors are fantastic. I have never heard of them before either.

  • Hibah

    I have been eyeing The Organic Skin Co. products for a while now! They look so nice. My favorite tool I love is my makeup sponge and my favorite accessory is lipstick! My makeup sponge helps to spread my foundation evenly so it covers up any imperfections I may have. Many people say that lipstick looks good on me, plus its fun wearing it! I definitely want to try Galaxy. Great detailed review!

  • Daisy

    Wow! These products look amazing! My favorite beauty tool is an eyelash curler. Since my lashes are really hard to make them show, I have to use it. I put on mascara and then curl up my lashes for a good effect. If I didn’t know what eyelash curlers were, my beauty routine would have been much different than what it is now. The curler may get some mascara on it, but its worth it!

  • Ja-Nee

    These products look so good!!! My favorite tool is a makeup sponge. My favorite product is lip gloss. I have to have at least two lip glosses at all times.