Feeling Colorful with Color Club!

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Color Club Nail Lacquer

Featured Shades:

Matte-erial Girl- A nude matte shimmer with transitions of gold, purples, and greens. This is a very wearable, complimentary shade that needs only one coat to achieve opacity. It held up well without a top or base coat with only minimal chipping.

Martian, Martian, Martian- An out of this world green that is unique, fun, and playful. It is a matte shade that requires 2 coats to achieve opacity. It wore well without base or top coat with minimal chipping.

Cobbler Gobbler- A neon coral that is gloriously bright and attention grabbing, this color begs to be worn to the beach! This color needs 3 coats to achieve opacity, but wears perfectly on its own with no chipping.

Under the Weather- A muted, foggy blue color that reminds me of Earl Grey tea, rainy weather, and a good book. This matte shade is understated and subtle, while still being a beautiful shade. It had minimal chipping after 3 days wear. 

Yes, of Quartz- A stunning rainbow of shimmer in a frosty base. This color reminds me of fairies and wintertime, and has a tremendous amount of shine and shimmer. Of the colors reviewed, this was the most prone to chipping and benefits greatly from the addition of a top and base coat.

Final Thoughts:

  The Color Club has a beautiful selection of colors that range from the subtle and muted, to vibrant attention grabbing shades. Overall, the wear was better than expected during testing without the protection of a base and top coat. I was expecting to like these colors, but I was surprised to find my holy grail nail shade nestled in them! Matte-erial girl is a shade that comes around once in a lifetime, an absolutely perfect gem. It applies flawlessly, wears like a dream, and vibes perfectly with every style of outfit I paired it with! I couldn't be more impressed, and will be wearing this shade often, its my new favorite. 


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