Feel like 1000 Roses! Fave - Andalou Naturals face cream

Hey beauties! Pontea here --- Want your face to smell like roses while getting some proper moisture and freshness without the harsh chemicals? Don't we all! 
🌹I'm in LOVE with "Beautiful Day Cream by Andalou Naturals, 1000 Roses."
🍑It's made for sensitive skin and with fruit stem cells. I've been using it for over 2 years now and will never go back! Bye, bye red face! 
🛒I get mine at Whole Foods or Pharmaca. 

1️⃣1 easy step! 
🙎Apply on clean face and neck for a lovely aroma and perfect fresh skin feeling. 
If you want to try this make sure you click the “I wanna try” button😍 if you like this video make sure to click like, comment anything that you may want me to try.  Tell your friends to sign up with code “pontea” for 500 coins in the reward store to redeem FREE FULL-SIZED products!!!!!

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  • Lori Nixon

    This sounds like it would work on my face. During the winter I get dry skin badly in spots on my face. Sometimes I get the redness on my cheeks. I would love to try this 1000 Roses Beautiful Day cream, Andaluo Naturals.

  • Lindsey

    I have sensitive skin, this may work for me

  • Anna hudson

    Everything about this sounds wonderful,I would so love to try this cream.and I have sensitive skin so it sounds great!!!!

  • Amanda Lingle

    I have sensitive skin with redness and it gets super dry during these harsh cold months. I know you said it has a rose scent but is it strong? Fragrances can tend to not be good for my skin when its super dry. Im wanting to try it to see if it helps my redness. Thanks for the video post I feel they are much more informative than just a picture

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