Feather and Bone Face Gems

So when I first saw this I looked at it and I said what am I supposed to do with this lol, after a little research I found out that it is a compact face cleanser this is a really cool product that uses very little water and I mean it does clean your face basically you put in the palm of your hand at a little bit of water rubbing hands together rub it all over your face kind of like a dry rub for your face I don't see myself using this on a regular basis but if I'm traveling or for camping or you need it for on-the-go it's a great product to have and I highly recommend it for that

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  • sally peabody

    I agree with you. I liked it very much. I used too much water and so it was not as thick as it could have been. I would use this a few times a week as an exfoliating mask like cleansing. Great review thank you

  • Amanda Lingle

    These little gems are super amazing. I have seen some really good reviews on them. I find it awesome how such a small little thing is enough to clean your entire face. Plus this small thing saves room in your luggage. Just toss it in and you dont have to worry about bulky facial bottles leaking and taking up room