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🌻Farmacy Green Clean: Look at that ~texture~!

The Farmacy Green Clean has to be one of the most photogenic textures out there! Just look at that first scoop video!🤩 I wanted to share some of these glorious texture shots, as well as my initial thoughts after using the Green Clean Balm for about a week! 💚
🌻Farmacy Green Clean is an oil-based cleansing balm. It’s designed to be the first step in your double-cleanse routine (for more info on double-cleansing, check out my review on my fave oil cleansers!)
🌻It’s formulated with ginger, sunflower, and citrus fruit oils to help remove dirt and oil. It also has papaya extract to help gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.
🌻It smells amazing! But also is formulated without any synthetic fragrances. The fresh and clean scent probably comes from the citrus fruit oils!
🌻It’s super travel-friendly! I’ve been flying a lot for work lately, and this balm has been great. It’s TSA-approved and mess-free, meaning it won’t spill and get everywhere!
🌻It does a decent job at removing makeup. I tried this with eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick and it removed everything pretty well. I will say that it wasn’t super great for removing waterproof mascara.
🌻One drawback is the price, at $22 for the smaller version 1.7 oz, and $34 for the standard 3.4 oz
Overall, I really like this cleansing balm! I’ve been using Banila’s Clean it Zero for a while, but honestly will switch to this Farmacy one once I’m done with my banila. I think the Farmacy one does a better job at removing dirt and makeup, without being too harsh on my skin. Thank you so much to PrismPop for giving me a chance to try this balm! 💚🌻🐝

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  • Roshanda

    Great, honest review!

  • Heidi Westcott

    Very helpful review thank you! I tried this product and absolutely love it!

  • nancy ruiz

    Excellent review I would like to try it.

  • Jamie

    Id love to try this I always struggle to get all my make-up off before bed!

  • Ana Moreno

    I want to try that but not sure because I only use waterproof mascara because is the only one that keeps my lashes up 😅

  • Tera

    Want to try 😍 sounds so amazing

  • Shannon citrino

    Being a person with very dry skin, cleansing balms are one of my favorite type of cleansers, they are nice and moisturizing! I havent tried this one yet, but its definitely on my list.

  • vanessa spulak

    I've tried balms before, but it always makes my face feel oily. I really like micellar water.

  • Kelly K

    Nice review and congrats on getting selected to try this! Hopefully I will get the chance too one day! Anyway, my favorite celebrity beauty brand is Fenty by Rihanna. It's super pigmented, last a long time, nice quality, and the packaging is beautiful. My favorite product from her line is Gloss Bomb in Cheeky. It's a gorgeous orange/pink shade with gold shimmer. I don't think that there are too many celebrity beauty brands out there. It gives everyone a better selection to choose from Plus every person even celebrities taste are different so you get variety. My favorite texture from a beauty product is the smooth, slightly tacky, pure reducing texture from primers such as the one I get from using Touch in Sol No Pore Blem Primer. It makes my pores smaller, my skin soft, and does a great job preparing my face for make up. The slight tackines helps the make up stick and stay on better. The texture is a bit strange but it works wonders! Anyway hope you all are having an awesome day and have a safe, fun weekend!

  • Keke

    I want to try this sooo bad!!! I heard its really good. I had cleansing balm and its ALWAYS been my holy grail! Will definitely purchase this after mine ran out🥰🥰🥰

  • Nicole Trevisan

    im confused with the word you rinse off afterward or is it like micellar cleanser?

  • Mellyventures

    I tried something similar to this, but I have yet to try this. I've been using BOTANIC HEAL boH Melting Clear Cleansing Balm and the texture looks about the same, but I'd be down to try Pharmacy. I do like how these clean so gently. The waterproof makeup literally melts away.

  • Angelica Narvaez

    I don't think there's too many celebrity brands and if they are I don't mind the more beauty items to choose from the better having variety is great! My favorite celebrity beauty line currently is rare by selena gomez! I really like the brow pencil because it has a brow gel included very versatile and you get 2 products instead of one for your money $$. My favorite texture from a beauty product that is practical had to be smooth!

  • Jen

    I've never tried a cleansing balm before. It looks interesting.

  • Rita Whirls

    Great review. The information will help. I want to try this.

  • Tiffany

    I like Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty line of products. The reason it was created resonated with me. Helping others. I especially like the blush/lip stain.

  • Sara Manley

    I like kylie. I love her lip glosses. It last a long time and really makes my lips pop. I like silky, smooth textures.

  • Rukhsana

    my favorite beauty celebrity brand is fenty beauty. i like the high quality pigmented products this brand carries. the packaging is pretty and my favorite product is the highlighter trophy wife because its so yellow gold and i like it on my eye lid as im pale i cant use as highlighter. my favorite texture from a beauty product is the glassy skin balm by touch n sol because its perfectly silky and tacky for makeup application.

  • Jaxgma

    I haven't tried this cleanser. The texture looks creamy, I do like creamy cleansers and moisturizers. That light green is a soothing color.

  • Pisces

    Haven’t tried it, but the texture looks good and consistent. Also heard a lot about papaya extract’s benefits for the face and love that this item has that.

  • Marie

    Wow,that looks like sherbert, I know its $22 but I may have to try one time lol

  • Yulena Ruiz

    I need to try this product.

  • Lauren Cabrera

    Ive never heard of this brand before but the reviews make me want to try it! Thank you all for your feedback :)

  • Sayeri

    Great post!! I am currently using Farmacy and it is that great 😍... Texture wise I love a good cream which get absorbed fast and also not so sticky.... Snail cream 🐌 are the best example I can give and currently I am using Mizon Black snail cream 🥰 Its smooth gets absorbed and light for my skin and also I am using this for anti-aging benefits 😎

  • Brittany S

    I’ve not had a chance to try this yet though I really have wanted to. I love cleansing balms. And that texture looks amazing. I can’t justify the price tag though. If I was getting it at a discount, maybe. But I get a balm from another middle end brand from TJ Max for half that price tag that works phenomenally. This one does look the bomb though.

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