Faking It With Ardell's Magnetic Liner and Lash

Welcome back to try it Tuesday! πŸ₯°

Today I'm getting fake with it--fake lashes, that is! 🀭🀣

False lashes are a part of beauty that I've always admired, I absolutely


the big, beautiful doe eye that lashes give. They take dramatic eyeshadow looks to the next level πŸ‘‘ and when paired with a nude eye and red lipπŸ’„, can give you a fantastic throwback vintage look worthy of the silver screen. πŸ’ƒπŸ“Ί

...Unfortunately, I have an adhesive allergy. False lashes applied with glue leave me looking less red carpet ready, and more "have you seen a doctor for that 😬"-esqe. 

You can imagine how excited I was to see an option for false lashes that eliminated the need for lash adhesive!πŸ₯³

The Deets:

  •   Retails for $15.00 πŸ’Έ
  •   Includes lashes, brush, and    liner βœ”
  •   Magnetic Lash and Iron Oxide based gel liner replace the need for adhesives 🚫
  •   Lashes are mid density πŸ‘

How to Apply:

βœ”Line the upper lash line with the provided magnetic gel liner. I found that using a smaller brush than the one provided made the application easier, as the formula of the liner is very tacky.

βœ” Let the liner dry. This step is critical, not allowing enough dry time will cause the lash not to adhear to the liner properly. When the liner doesn't have enough time ⏳ to dry, small patches of the liner will lift onto the magnetic strip along the false lash. Give it time! ⏰

βœ” After 2 minutes, test the liners dryness by gently tapping with a clean and dry fingertip. If there is no transfer of the liner to your fingertip, wait 30 more seconds and begin lash application.

βœ” Remove lashes gently from the package. If they are stuck, roll them off the package with your finger, minimizing the stress points. Rough handling of the lashes can cause the small magnets to come loose.

βœ” Align the base of the lash with the dried magnetic liner, and gently tap into place, making any adjustments necessary to get a comfortable fit.

βœ” When ready to remove lashes, lift with a rolling motion to minimize any irritation to the lash line.


⏳ Final Thoughts:

I think these lashes are a ⭐fantastic⭐ alternative for people who are unable to use traditional, adhesive based false lashes. πŸ™ˆ They weren't overly difficult to apply, and held fairly well for the 4 hours that I wore them. For me, they suit my needs perfectly, and provide a solution for a problem that has kept me out of the lash game for years. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

The downside, these lashes dont hold as strongly πŸ’ͺ as a quality glue adhesive. Even with exact application of the liner, they sit slightly above πŸ‘†where a glued lash would sit on the lashes. I think for people that are able to use adhesive, these could be fun to try, but they won't replace your traditional lashes for hold and placement. The liner based system also limits versitility of makeup looks. To use this system, it requires a semi-thick to thick black liner along the top lash. If you aren't into that cat 😻 eye, winged liner πŸ–Š look, this isn't 🚫 the lash for you.

Overall, I'm pleased with them πŸ˜„ and will definitely be wearing them again since traditional glue based lashes arn't an option. I think they gave a soft glam appearance, and were well worth the $15. With gentle use, I believe these lashes will last for at least 10 applications, if not more. πŸ’›

Have you ever tried magnetic lashes? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to react and follow if you enjoyed this post πŸ₯°


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  • Daisy

    Ooh, this seems like a great idea. I have heard that its a great way to really pop out your lashes without having to apply that yucky glue to make falsies stick. I’ve wanted to try them for a while. It looks easy and fun! I want to buy these one day. Thank you so much!

  • Sabrina

    Very useful tips! It was great to be able to see visually what you did, especially rolling them off. I just got some and you saved me from damaging them! Those look really cute and natural though! Great review! πŸ’œ

  • Ann Thomas

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Ardell Magnetic Liner and Lash. I would love to try them, I need some length to my eyelashes and this product looks super easy to apply!

  • Pauline

    Hi thanks for sending this post for liner and lashes for the eyes. Ardell looks like a nice product. You can usually trust these products to do what they offer. Keep your area clean and start fresh when applying on these things. Thanks. Want to try this product.


    Buying now, great job Shannon lil Pippin πŸ€“ I love this video And you did an amazballz job editing this video!

  • Clifton Pippin

    They look awesome