Face gems facewash,feather and bone,first time using :)

I don't know about this one ,it worked real well,cleaned my skin but felt kinda dry??,hard to apply,messy,smelled like Ibsen's?

e kinda strong,I wouldnt recomend,I've heard a lot of good

 Reviews on it ,maybe just not a product for me.

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  • Anna hudson

    I have very sensitive skin that's probably why this didn't work for me ,and does for evéryome else.

  • Nicole Hoffman

    These are so great

  • Amanda Lingle

    This is one of the most amazing face washes I have come across. Just a tiny tablet has enough powder to soap up and clean your entire face. How awesome is this that you can travel and not have to take bulky face cleaning products with you? Just throw these tiny tablets into your bag and go!~