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Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

I had so much fun creating this natural look! I just love makeup and reviewing products so much, it’s My true passion! I’m always looking for the latest New Released Makeup Products, so I can try them out and review them! One of My Favorite Prodcuts that I used to create this look is the Tarte Cosmetics Tarte In Bloom Palette. It’s an incredible neutral  palette that includes 12 Matte light to dark shades as well as Transition Shades that are highly pigmented and blend like butter! I love that Tarte Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palettes smell so amazing, they smell like chocolate and this one smells the same way! If you don’t own any Tarte Palettes I highly recommend them because they are so  amazing! Between the mesmerizing packaging to the amazingly, highly pigmented creamy and buttery Eyeshadows, everything about this Palette is incredible! I own several Tarte Palettes and Prodcuts and I absolutely love them and highly recommend this phenomenal Tarte and Bloom Palette! You can create so many soft looks for daytime and spice it up for night time dramatic glammed out looks! This Palette is perfect for Traveling as it’s just the right size! 

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