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Eyeliner Tips & Travel Accessories Recs from PROS🧳PrismPop Giveaway

Today's Giveaway Prize: HUDA Beauty Silk Balm Hydra-Plumping Nourishing Lip Balm Travel Size! 
Comment your answer to the following questions on the posts linked below to enter the giveaway!
🧐What type of eyeliner are you the most comfortable with and what do you find the hardest about eyeliner? What are your travel essentials in terms of accessories and storage? What do you value most in beauty travel accessories??

Click links below, watch, comment, enter the giveaway!

Sharp Winged Eyeliner 3 Different Ways by Montse
Travel Beauty Must-Haves from a Professional MUA by Crystal

👑The winner will be announced on October 7th@6 p.m. 🥰 
The winner from the previous PrismPop Daily Giveaway is.....(drum roll...)🥁
Congrats, beautiful! You will receive an email from us requesting your shipping info so we can send out your products! 

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  • Sindra ~

    I really don't use much eye liner can't never get the lines the way I like them so I just don't bother..

  • Dawn hughes

    Good morning i find the hardest liner to use is pencil myself. I love travel sized lip luners etc. Because of the crack down in flying. I find i carry some sample perfumes. I feel if you smell good you feel good about yourself. Why lose bug b ok ttles of expencive perfume threw the airports. Have a wonderful day

  • Rachna Sharma

    I love liquid eyeliner with a fine tip. I find my caty eye the most challenging for me. My travel bag is this awesome bag you found everything in it. My touch up powder, my brushes, my liner, moisturizer, kajal and last but very important my lipsticks

  • Dawn hughes

    I have used gloss vegas as a lip plumper does this plump lips but has a pink hue which is great. Congrats michiel

  • Dawn hughes


  • Tammy Johnson

    Congratulations Michelle. I would love this product

  • Rita Whirls

    Congrats Michelle. Would love to win this product. I use whatever I have handy and have a bag I keep everything in for on the go.

  • Brittany Doolittle

    That lip gloss look so pretty!!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Would love to win anything.

  • Juanita

    Wow wanna win and try

  • Ja-Nee

    Congrats Michelle!!

  • Lila

    I wanted to try her lipsticks!!

  • Teresa Parker

    Very nice product.

  • Chelsey

    Liquid liner in the blackest black shade because it's the only formula and color I use for my upper lashes. It's What I'm most comfortable with. It makes It easier but i still find matching my winged eyeliner wings hardest about applying eyeliner. It is a travel essential in my travel makeup bag along with mascara, long wear foundation, concealer, setting powder, compact eyeshadow palette that I can make many looks from, compact contour and highlight palette, mini makeup brushes, makeup remover wipes, liquid lipstick and a lip gloss. What I value most in travel beauty essentials is the size, variety of options and quality.

  • Jessica Denby

    I love liquid liner with a fine tip. I find my wing the most challenging. I can usually get my left eye perfect and my right eye not so much. My travel bag is this awesome bag I found at vs. It holds everything. My touch up powder, my brushes, my liner if I need to fix my wanky right eye and you can't forget the lips

  • Pauline

    I prefer to use a crayon eyeliner (brown). The hardest is making a straight line across my eye lid. with liquid liners. My fav. travel storage unit is the old Makeup bag with plenty of room for brushes and all types of makeup. I value all my items from moisturizers to lipsticks and eye shadows and BB creams. Hope to snag a win this, time it's been awhile for me!

  • Elizabeth Hendry

    none at all but a reg pencil if I must. love laura merciers caviar sticks

  • Aisha

    I’m most comfortable with a liquid eyeliner especially the type that has a brush tip. The hardest thing for me about eyeliner is struggling to get both eyes to look even. Sometimes it works out and other times, not so much 😰 my travel essentials is a spacious, sturdy, good quality travel bag. I hate having several little bags so I prefer one big bag that’s large enough for skincare, makeup and accessories. What I value most is travel accessories is the product(s) being compact and not unnecessarily bulky. I also like to pack double ended makeup brushes so it saves space and products that is multi use. Fingers crossed for this giveaway! I’m the BIGGEST Huda Beauty fan 🥺

  • Sonja

    I like liquid eyeliner you can wear it day and night dress it up or down. My travel essentials are always minis of from cleansers to make up and travel size. I value my mascara because mascara always makes your eyes look sexy.

  • Sonja

    Would love to try this my lips need some TLC..

  • Amanda Branks

    Congratulations!!! My way to travel is a make up travel roll up bag thing not sure of its name it was give to me for a early bday present this year... But it hangs in a closet or bathroom has a made in hanger at the top and rolls into a carry purse AWESOME RIGHT. Lol either way it has 8 pockets for you to have all your daily needs or just travel. Dont have a fave eyeliner usually either la colors or urban decay. Low key suck at eyeliner

  • Kimberly Pfeifer

    Love this!!🤗😍

  • Ingrid

    I want to try it

  • Stephanie Vargas

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity for this giveaway! Hopefully I'll get the chance to win this lovely lipbalm. The type of eyeliner that I'm most comfortable with is a pencil liner and liquid eyeliner. I find that the pencil liner suits me a bit more because it creates a beautiful smudge look and its pretty easy to use. I also like liquid liner but mostly for special occasions, you have to be a bit more care with it and try not to mess up. My travel essentials is mostly just storage bottles to put my lotion, serums, and scrubs, shampoo, hair oils, and hair conditioner. I like using those travel containers. Also I take just a few makeup products when ever I travel. What I most value about beauty travel products is that they're so cute and pretty easy to store. They don't create much mess in my bag, making easier for me to have more space in my bag.

  • Sherry Hill

    I wanna try 😍😍