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EXFOLIATOR SHOWDOWN: Touch In Sol’s Mission Complete and Cremo’s 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask! I just received this new exfoliator from Touch In Sol and I wanted to put it against the test against the current one I’ve been using (Cremo).
My skin type
- dry, usually prone to flakiness and redness  
💧TOUCH IN SOL Mission Complete: $22.00
Description: Black Charcoal Gel Mild Scrub A gentle exfoliating scrub that cleanses the surface of the skin, eliminates dead skin like and leaves smooth and luminous skin.
Description: Detoxify skin, draw out blackheads and reduce the appearance of pores with activated charcoal
💧TOUCH IN SOL - very lightweight, almost translucent when applied, a lot of scrub granules that are very fine
💙CREMO - thick, hard to spread, heavy, only a few scrub granules in the formula, which are large, can double as a mask
When using Cremo as a scrub I had to wet that side of my face, with In Sol I did not. The In Sol side quickly dissolved into my skin and I could feel it eradicated flaky dry skin, the Cremo side was a lot more work trying to get the granules to dissolve, but eventually spread evenly. I washed both sides off and immediately my skin felt clean and soft on both sides (picture 4). After waiting 10 minutes and applying a moisturizer, I took another picture and discovered my Cremo side looked a little more red and irritated. 
Touch In Sol’s Mission Complete was a much more gentle exfoliator which I prefer for my sensitive skin and was easy to apply and wash off. Since the granules of Cremo were large it was difficult to get them to break down, and I ended up just washing some way. Even though Touch In Sol is a better product, it is not as budget-friendly as Cremo. 
Glad to have my Touch in Sol Exfoliator from the PrismPop Tester Bag 💕 did you apply yet?? ❤️
Let me know what you use to exfoliate! 🌟

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  • Tiffany

    I currently physically exfoliate 2-3 times a week. I have majorly oily skin so deep cleansing helps me remove the oil along with whatever leftover makeup, and pollution particulate is on my skin. I'm using a few products right now: Vasanti Brighten Up!, Ahava facial mud exfoliator, and Glamglow. Which one I use is dependent upon my mood and how much time I have 😁😁😁

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    great side by side reviews of 2 great products. I love the visual photos and the finished way they both looked on skin. I use Clinique's 7 day scrub which is a gentle exfoliant . I try to exfoliate 2 times a week and sometimes 3 . I believe this mild scrub would work wonders for me.

  • Bonita kasee

    Not using anything at present, although I would if I could find a good one, lol thanks for sharing this one, alot of helpful tips

  • Leah Goforth

    My current favorite exfoliant is Eight Saints Down To Earth Scrub. It is also a gel based scrub. I would love to see how they would compare in a review like this.

  • Kristine

    Nice product comparison! I could see a use for both products. I try to exfoliate once a week with a deep exfoliate once a month.

  • Kim

    I love exfoliating! I love the feeling on my skin and it makes my pores less clogged and smaller. I do it maybe twice a week

  • Shannon Grant

    I only exfoliate a few times a week. That’s all you really need. I just do not want to compromise my skin’s barrier by over -exfoliating. I’m an avid promoter for gentle and fine exfoliates. I currently use Microfoliant from Dermalogica. It is very fine rice granules and it really exfoliates, polishes, and brightens the skin. I’d love to try Touch of Sol’s exfoliate. It sounds nice!! Great review!! Many thanks 🙏

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I love to find a good exfoliate. I been using the Enchanted Kiss Intimate Secrete purifying body scrub. Enchanted kiss is the scent I also have scent Heavenly Charm. I use once a week. My skin is very sensitive. I have roseca, dry skin, scarring deep scars. I hate the way my skin looks. I have been treating different ways and it just seems to keep getting worse I am going to keep trying though. Maybe I should try Touch in Sol

  • Marisa Jolicoeur

    I like the side by side comparison. You can definitely tell in the full face picture that the Touch in Sol is not as harsh on the skin.

  • Nicole Trevisan

    i like to exfoliate 1-2x week. these are good recommendations, thanks

  • Gina

    I love Peter Thomas Roth rx peeling gel! You ladies have to try it! It sweeps away dead skin cells and you can see the skin cells!😳 My skin looks awesome and feels tighter after using it. I use it 1-2 times per week or when I feel I need a nice exfoliation! It also helps clear up acne and blemishes! Try it you won’t be disappointed!!

  • Raven

    Never would have thought of two scrubs at the same time. Creative thinking! I use Clean & Clear's deep action exfoliator or St. Ives Charcoal and Bamboo.

  • Liz Ducote

    I usually exfoliate about once a week or so. I love the way touch in sol sounds, especially the fact that it's gel and goes on smoothly. I'm loving this gentle exfoliator. Sounds like a product for me.

  • Midnight Moon

    I usually go for a mask when exfoliating. There's one I have been waiting to try in my sample collection. It's a facial peel exfoliater. I've recently started getting into Exfoilators so I don't have a favorite ...YET. I think Touch In Sol would be good for my skin and would work because within the things I do use, Charcoal Is a main ingredient. I have combination skin, some parts of my face oilier than others. This being a gel, I would love to try it out. I've never heard of a gel exfoilater!

  • Lisa Antovski

    So important to exfoliate! I exfoliate once a week. I am currently making my own - baking soda with cold pressed coconut oil. I have tried many others, but this seems to work best for me. I would love the opportunity to try this for free to see if I can push my homemade one to the side :)

  • Rosmary Pelicot

    I love to exfoliate myself !!! I do it every week. My face makes a change when I do. I don't have a specific product that I like. I love trying new things 😍😍

  • brandi

    I use a gentle exfoliant daily as well as a mask weekly.

  • Nicole

    Kitty ears!

  • Cheryl Drouin

    It's important to care for sensitive skin in a gentle way -- this looks like it fits the bill. Thanks!