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EXFOLIATOR SHOWDOWN: Touch In Sol’s Mission Complete and Cremo’s 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask! I just received this new exfoliator from Touch In Sol and I wanted to put it against the test against the current one I’ve been using (Cremo).
My skin type
- dry, usually prone to flakiness and redness  
💧TOUCH IN SOL Mission Complete: $22.00
Description: Black Charcoal Gel Mild Scrub A gentle exfoliating scrub that cleanses the surface of the skin, eliminates dead skin like and leaves smooth and luminous skin.
Description: Detoxify skin, draw out blackheads and reduce the appearance of pores with activated charcoal
💧TOUCH IN SOL - very lightweight, almost translucent when applied, a lot of scrub granules that are very fine
💙CREMO - thick, hard to spread, heavy, only a few scrub granules in the formula, which are large, can double as a mask
When using Cremo as a scrub I had to wet that side of my face, with In Sol I did not. The In Sol side quickly dissolved into my skin and I could feel it eradicated flaky dry skin, the Cremo side was a lot more work trying to get the granules to dissolve, but eventually spread evenly. I washed both sides off and immediately my skin felt clean and soft on both sides (picture 4). After waiting 10 minutes and applying a moisturizer, I took another picture and discovered my Cremo side looked a little more red and irritated. 
Touch In Sol’s Mission Complete was a much more gentle exfoliator which I prefer for my sensitive skin and was easy to apply and wash off. Since the granules of Cremo were large it was difficult to get them to break down, and I ended up just washing some way. Even though Touch In Sol is a better product, it is not as budget-friendly as Cremo. 
Glad to have my Touch in Sol Exfoliator from the PrismPop Tester Bag 💕 did you apply yet?? ❤️
Let me know what you use to exfoliate! 🌟

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  • Pauline

    The Showdown mini slide show was awesome. Both products are nice. Want to try Touch in Sol and Cremo face scrub and mask.

  • Michelle

    I exfoliate once a week i used Saturday skin far so good i never try the touch n sol yet wich is i loved this brand..cremo i never heard or seen this..interested to trying of this both prudoct..

  • Autumn

    I exfoliate every Wednesday and Saturday. I have used so many different scrubs and I like some for different reasons. Most recently I have been using Dermalogical brand on Wednesday because it is light and Clean & Clear brand on Saturdays for a deeper clean. I feel that Mission Complete might work better for me because I have seen many reviews on it and some with similar skin type as mine. It looks to be a light exfoliant which is perfect for sensitive skin like mine! :)

  • Tanmaya

    Love both of them😁

  • natosha miller

    Awesome product review of these two products. I honestly don't go a day without exfoliating, even if I have dry skin. I love that it removes that dead skin and grime from the pores. Plus, It really feels like I get the best cleanse for my face in the morning. It is a perfect wakeup start and I just feel so much cleaner and ready to start the day. ☼ I do find that my favorite has lately been Earth to Skin Super Greens Green Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. It has the best scent that makes me feel like I'm smelling pumpkin pie or ginger cookies. It really is appetizing for a scrub and light exfoliating beads that really get a deeper cleanse. I love the enzymes help act like a peel and remove dead skin, but without the waiting. You just apply like a regular scrub and cleanse, massaging on to wet skin and washing right off. No need to wait a few minutes like a peel, which is awesome and can be used often throughout the week. However, I find I use it daily ☺ because it smells and feels great! Plus, perfect for dry skin, without drying the skin even more. It adds so much more vitamins back to the skin with each use, which makes it another reason I love it. However, after your review, I definitely could see trying these two. They sound pretty awesome and I really like the Touch in Sol brand because it's very light and possibly similar to my favorite scrub. It won't bee too harsh and give a finer cleanse in my pores than the thicker scrub. No matter, they both sound pretty nice and I will definitely have to check them both out. Thank you for sharing. ♥

  • katherine wu

    I exfoliate once a week because I haven't found an exfoliant that's right for me yet. I would love to try the Touch in Sol, it definitely seems more gentle and I have dry, sensitive skin.

  • Hallie

    I exfoliate 1-2 times a week. I can tell you had to work the Cremo in more because your face is redder on that side. The Touch in Sol seems much more gentle. I would love to try it. I've been using Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost 2-in-1 Facial Mask and Scrub and it has been working for me.

  • yona garlit

    I exfoliate every day. My skin is so oily that it just does not feel clean unless I exfoliate. I use St. Ives peach scrub and it does the job. I have used Touch In Sol's other products so I am very interested in trying their Mission Completed exfoliator. Thank you for the great video and review.

  • Jenn H

    I have been avoiding physical exfoliant for awhile after reading they cause micro tears in the skin which can cause breakouts.... but I’ve recentlt been trying a gentle scrub with mung beans. The Touch in Sol exfoliation looks gentle so I’d be interested in trying. I use UBeauty Resurfacing Compound (mild retinol serum) daily.

  • Holly Mitkowski

    I love the cat ears!!! and products :)

  • Melissa Green

    Thanks for the review, I'm definitely gonna have to try the Touch in Sol Mission Complete.

  • Jenn

    I love the detail you out in, it was really helpful!! TY

  • Stephanie Grant

    Great review I would love to try this out, I normally exfoliate every 2-3 days : e.l.f. Gentle Peeling Exfoliant it does a good job

  • Charley

    Touch of Sol sounds like a really good exfoliating scrub. I too have sensitive skin i would love to try. I usually don't exfoliate as often as I should because I have not found the right one. My skin becomes red and irritated. I didn't even know that Cremo made an exfoliating scrub. Thanks for the great post. I will try Touch of Sol.

  • Debbie Ricards

    Yes, this looks like a great exfoliator. I would very much love to try it!!

  • Ashley Hunt

    I absolutely love exfoliators! I normally use a physical exfoliant every 2-3 days! On other days I use a chemical exfoliant. The physical exfoliant I absolutely love to use is the Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion! It has very small granules that aren't too tuff on your skin and it also helps with any excess oils and helps prevent acne! I use a couple different chemical exfoliants. My very favorite is Paula's Choice. When u don't have that I found a great one by Elf Cosmetics, elf Gentle Peeling Exfoliant. I have never tried Touch In Sol exfoliants but I do think it would compare greatly to the Dr Brandt I normally use and I would absolutely love to try it out and possibly change to the Touch In Sol if it works. It is a bit cheaper than the Dr Brandt so if it works it could save me quite a bit of cash! Thanks so much PrismPop for the opportunity, and good luck to everyone who enters!

  • LC100baby

    My skin is extra dry as well and I get patches of dry flakey skin which sucks! I exfoliate often❤️

  • Denise Carver

    You had me at “fine granules”! I’m dying to know how my poor pores would do with something like this! I exfoliate every day,I have to,the older I get,the less elasticize my skin becomes so gravity and heredity are really enlarging my pores,pores+dry skin=adult acne,so I really would love to try this,it seems gentler than by current brand! By the way,I loved the way this was formatted as a boxing match,it was fun to read!! Hope everyone out there in PrismPopper land is safe and healthy!!!❤️

  • Reenah

    I hardly exfoliate, only when it’s absolutely necessary (right before my period when I get oilier than normal)..I have two teenagers in the house, one fun thing we’ve done during these quarantine times is to mask together using the Aztec healing clay. The tub is huge and it’s easy to make too much mask, a quarter teaspoon is enough for all four of us (my husband included 😂). I usually wash off quickly because it’s too drying for me.

  • Asti Custard

    Love the honest review 💞💕🤞💯 I exfoliate few times a week. Right now (well since early 2000s- so the ice age 🤣😂🤣) I've had a go to with the st Ives apricot exfoliant face scrub. Its just always worked and making me feel refreshed , smooth and great smelling 🍊😍🤞🤤💯I definitely could see the mission scrub becoming one my favorites.... idk why but that is one the products I was drawn to in the tester bag along with the mask I believe was the mission gel mask also.. 🤞💯🤩🤩😎💓💖🌹

  • Tiffaney kerns-bowling

    It sounds great. I'm just worried cause I've got to have a exfoliating gel or scrub designed for white and black heads and doesn't dry my skin out and cause it to peel like so many facial products do.

  • Nia Deloney

    I like to use exfoliators both on my skin and my face. Using an exfoliator after using a makeup remover can help to remove and remaining makeup products. And here's a tip: After shaving exfoliate you skin. It helps to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs and using coconut oil can also help to keep your skin smooth. I would recommend any of the scrubs from the brand Freedman's, they are really affordable and are great quality.

  • Camaro

    This was a great review! I really love all of the Touch In Sol products that I've used, although, I have not had the chance to try this exfoliator yet. It is now on my 'to order list, so thank you! I exfoliate my skin twice a week and sometimes 3 if my skin isn't too over stimulated. My favorite exfoliator is the microdermabrasion product from Mary Kay. I have been using it for years. The granules spread with ease and there are thousands or granules in each dime size drop. The best part is that the granules are round, unlike an apricot scub, which the granules are pointed and jagged and can really harm the skin with prolonged use. The round granules allow the dead and flaky skin to come off with ease, but with out harming or scarring the skin. I also like the Peter Thomas Roth exfoliator. I goes on clean dry skin and then visibly rolls away dead skin and impurities. I always make sure to use a serum with soothing ingredients in them after I exfoliate to calm my skin and to lock in moisture.

  • Alexis Brace

    Recently I've been using a papaya chemical peel, as well as a brightening scrub to exfoliate!

  • Hannah Marie

    I absolutely love exfoliation, but it's one of those things that should definitely be done lightly. You can easily overdo it and mess up your fragile skin cells if you over exfoliate. 💙