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Everyday look

To create this everyday make up look I used Maybelline fit me liquid dewy foundation which my dry skin LOVES! For my concealer I used elf 16 hour camo concealer which is my all time favorite concealer because it covers 100% of my dark under eye circles that genetics blessed me with. For my brows I used NYX micro brow pencil which I personally like the application better than a pomade but that is just my preference. For my lips I used Burt's bees lip stick which makes my lips feel amazing

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  • haku izunami

    you look amazing those colors are definitely you! hey i learned a fantastic tip that makes lip sticks that i want to stay all day dab setting powder on your lips after youve applied it just the way you like it, not only does it mattify it but it stays all day! ive even had a few drinks like at a company party or clubbing and my lips looked perfect!

  • Carrie Burrus

    You look very pretty. What shade foundation do you use? I am still trying to find my "right" shade. You look about the same shade as me. Great look....great products!

  • Terra

    Looks great I would love to try these products ❤

  • Amanda Lingle

    Elf has great products at such amazing prices that just about anyone can afford. Burts Bee's all I can say is their products are wonderful. I havent tried the lip stick but Im a sucker for the burts bees chap stick. A brow pencil is a go to when you have thin or sparse eyebrows like I happen to have. This is also a great pencil from NYX..