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EstateXBaileySarian swatches and First Impressions

This palette is a collaboration between Estate Cosmetic and Bailey Sarian which was included in the August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. It was also available for purchase on the Estate website for 30.00.

I purchased mine from the Estate website. The checkout was very easy even though it was a highly anticipated launch. I received shipping notification 2 days later and the package arrived 5 days after that. 

This palette contains 4 mattes and 5 shimmers. The mattes are mostly neutral shades with a mid-tone red. The shimmers range from gold to black.

The matte formula is very creamy and blendable and you can build up the shadows to be quite intense or have just a wash of color. 

The shimmer formula is very pigmented and apply nicely with a dry brush.  Using a wet brush,  your finger or glitter glue will make them even more intense and sparkly! 

So happy to have this palette and to give Bailey support! I definitely want to try more products from Estate in the future! 

What do you think about this palette? Do you like the color story? Let me know in the comments! 

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  • Rachael Tam

    Great review! The swatch pictures are stunning and you look gorgeous! This Eyeshadow Palette is incredible! It's totally one of my main go-to Palettes now. Thank you for sharing with us! Keep up your great work! 💞👏💞

  • Micheala

    i would love to have this palette