ELF has the best Eyeshadow Primer for a GREAT Price!!!

I just discovered the wonders of eyeshadow primer, it's like a dry erase for your eyeshadow! It is the Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer by ELF!
✏️Comes in a thin pencil-like tube
⭕️I use the applicator that this comes with to apply the product onto my eye in a semi-circle direction
🖌The wand is not pointy so if you do want to get a more defined line on your eyes you will want to use a brush. 
🍼It has a creamy texture but it's not heavy could be easily patted in
🤔When judging a primer I am looking for:
⭐️To make the color more vibrant 
⏳Make my makeup last longer
I am a fan of ELF products because the price point for what you get can't be beaten. Let me know if you'd try this yourself?
If you want to try this make sure you click the “I wanna try” button😍 if you like this video make sure to click like, comment anything that you may want me to try.  
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