Elf Cosmetics Matte Lipstick ( Bold Berry ) Affordable Beauty ❤️🥰

I love this lipstick it goes on very smoothly and it lays so comfortably on my lips. This lipstick is transferable but In all honesty I prefer lipstick that isn’t transfer proof because it doesn’t completely dry out my lips. I feel like non-transferable lipstick dries my lips out and leaves them looking crusty and cracked. It also peels off my lips whenever I drink or eat anything which is very annoying. So I try to avoid it when wearing any kind of lipstick. One thing that I really like about this particular lipstick is that it has a perfect balance of moisture and matte. It is a matte lipstick which is great because I hate lipsticks that are too oily and can very easily smudge on my lips and go everywhere but at the same time I don’t want it to be too drying. This lipstick has the perfectly balance because my lips still feel moisturized and stay that way all through o the day. I think I had to reapply this lipstick maybe three times throughout the day and I wore it for about 10 hours give or take. I was able to eat, drink, smoke and it did little to fade my lipstick. I love how bold and pigmented the color is. This particular shade is absolutely gorgeous and in my opinion looks fantastic on my lips. I will definitely be keeping it on hand considering I’m going to be using it quite often. It is definitely a good color on me. 

The component is a pretty basic square tube and has a nice sleek black color. It also has a tiny container on the bottom that contains some extra lipstick. I usually use it with a little bit of lip balm to add an extra splash of color to my lips. Overall I love elf cosmetics matte lipsticks. They are affordable and are made with great quality. They are easy to use and are vegan and cruelty free. Each lipstick costs around 4$ and shipping is free for orders over 25$ in case anyone is interested in trying their lipstick out. 

Lipstick Shade: Bold Berry 

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