$3 Drugstore Steal! ELF Black Liquid Liner

I love this liner! 
It's very black, goes on easily and you just can't beat the under $3 price point.

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  • Sarah

    I love elf I have a few of there products haven't tried this yet but I will thanks for sharing

  • Heather rood

    This is actually one of my favorite eyeliners because of the brush and how easy it is to apply with the wand!

  • Nicole

    I have this one !

  • Hope grant

    I never try elf eyeliner before but it looks really easy to use.snd it's really low price love your video

  • Krystal Nye

    This is actually one of my all time favorite drug store liners. It's definitely my go to if i cant get to my favorite "high~end" stores

  • Shannon citrino

    I have this liner and I swear by it!! I actually scored some at Dollar Tree not too long ago...they had a bunch of E.L.F. makeup so I loaded up!! I love the applicator on this one though, it holds just enough product without having to wipe it off and it dries quickly. Definitely worth it.

  • Kitty Morgan

    That's a nice eyeliner! Unfortunately I can't use ELF products because they break me out but nonetheless looks great on you.

  • Molly adams

    My favorite eyeliner.

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