Eyebrow Routine using ABH, Benefit, NYX and E.l.f. - by Laurien

Hi everyone Laurien here with my first video on PrismPop where I show you my brow routine. I use a bunch of products and its to get a messy brow look, so buckle up for the ride!
🖌Step 1: Comb it out and I tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Brush and it really comes them out
🦢Step 2: Use the Eyebrow Kit by ELF (you can see that I have hit pan on the darker shade in the kit because the other color is too light) But between applying the product In a feather-like motion I like to comb it out so that it continues to 
❄️Step 3: Use Tinted Brow Mascara by NYX to just begin keeping the brows in place.
🥰Step 4: Use BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer by Benefit to ensure that your eyebrows are in place at the end 
💭Overall: I love the way that my brows look and think that these products are all very good mix of in-expensive and more money to spend.  
If you want to see more of my routines or trying things for the first time please follow me and let me know in the comments. Also if you want to try this make sure to click "I wanna try". 
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    Melissa Griffith

    I really like the benefit brow products.

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    Ashley Hunt

    I like mine to look more natural, they are naturally a little bushy, I do keep them trimmed and tweezed, but I like the natural look for sure!

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    Dorothy schmidt

    I like more natural brows all I really do is shave and shape mine

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    Yenifer Schalk

    Wow this look is nice. I prefer a natural look because I feel it fits better my face frame.

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    Tia kitchens

    I have to say I like a natural brow at times and at other times I like the defined carved out brow. I love them both but sometimes I just want to go a little more natural and when I really want to glam more I do a more carved out brow.

  • Look 6a59f31a 492e 4080 afb7 9f521b404be2

    Wow this looks really natural!