Easy spring glow

This is my go-to easy spring makeup look. I can do this in 15 minutes and be out the door. I even out my complexion, and then spot correct with concealer. I give myself brows lol because we all know how important good brows are to any look, no matter how simple. A little blush to bring life to my sometimes pasty complexion lol, and glaze myself like a donut with some highlighter ( my favorite part of my makeup routine) and then a light eyeshadow beat, followed by a smudge eyeliner and a quick set of lashes ( ardell demi wispies, I couldn't tag them for some reason) I swear lashes make every look better. Lol. 

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  • Kelly K

    Wow you honestly should look into modeling and acting. You would be perfect for it!!!

  • Sabrina

    Wow! The simple, elegant look and long lashes really accentuate your eyes! Gorgeous! In 15 minutes?! That's downright magical! Lol! Love to read more posts. Thank you for including the lash Product name too. 💜