Dry shampoo showdown cont. Tresseme??

Hey everyone Nicole here ,and I am doing another dry shampoo demo and this time it's on the TRESemme between washes volumizing spray. This is by far my 2nd favorite dry shampoo. It smells great and has a direct spray line with very little dust (unlike Batiste). I shall reveal my number one eventually I promise, but first things first

*Tresseme between washes, volumizing dry shampoo

*About the product:  Tresemme between washes dry shampoo is for the days when traditional washing is not part of the plan but gorgeous styled hair deffinatly is

*Packaging:   7.3 Oz of delicious aerosol spray. Yellow cap

*Application:  super easy-to-use Shake can before and during use spray 8 to 10in on lifted sections of dry hair and then massage into roots to absorb oil, and then finally brush through and style as usual

* Final thought:  this dry shampoo, is awesome! Nice smell, no harsh dust cloud, and the price is right! I rate this as #2 in my book and that's good.

Thank you for viewing, dont forget to show the love and I'll show it back! Till next time!

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