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Drunk Elephant Review Part 1 | Marula, Juju, Pekee, C-Firma, TLC Framb

This long overdue review of the non-toxic, cruelty-free brand Drunk Elephant is not a sponsored post, but brought by your requests! I hope you find this informative and helpful, my dear skinthusiasts! This brand is one of the very few American ones that are so transparent with their products and that makes it a pleasure to review. And, when products are on the pricey side, reviews are especially valuable because you want to be sure that the products are worth your hard earned money and you are making a good investment! As always, I will try to give you as much relevant information I can, as well as my own experience with these, so you can make an informed decision for your own skin which will have it’s own needs. I know this brand isn't available everywhere in the world so my apologies for that! I was told happily to share this paragraph from Tiffany Masterson in response to my questions that I go over in my video : “No, we recommend using C-Firma every day. L-Ascorbic Acid begins to form a reservoir after about 72 hours and so in theory, yes, you could use every 3 days, but for maximum benefit and results you would want to take advantage daily of the free radical protection that C-Firma provides when worn under a physical sunscreen. We are all exposed to the elements, pollution, UV rays, etc. on a daily basis, thus our recommendation for daily use. Using Vitamin C twice daily would be a waste due to the fact that the skin can only absorb 20% Vitamin C per day…also due to the reservoir effect, it’s simply not necessary. The natural tint comes from the the anti-irritant tetrahydro-curcuminoids, which naturally has that golden hue. It is also true that with age, L-Ascorbic acid will darken when in a water-based formulation. The ferulic acid and the vitamin E both help stabilize and protect the vitamin C from oxidation, but if exposed to air and light, it will oxidize. The pH level also insures stability, at 3.5. We recommend that you purchase and use within 4-6 months. This formulation is at its best when it’s fresh. We have also figured out a way to tighten up the filling process, reducing exposure to air to very little, so we continue to improve the experience for the consumer. If the product appears dark brown-orange, we believe it is probably not as effective. A new C-Firma should appear light-golden color. We never add color to any product to mask anything. That is not our thing. If an ingredient has a natural color, we go with it no matter what it is. We ditch all marketing and gimmicky dyes and scents in an effort to remain as transparent with the consumer as we can. We do not anticipate oxidation due to the airless packaging and stable formulation, so we would not need to mask, but we wouldn’t anyway. We would want the consumer to be aware so that they wouldn’t use it if in fact it became oxidized. We don’t believe it is necessary to store in the refrigerator.”

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