Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin

WOW!! Now this brand is new to me. I received this cream and toner about a week ago. And these products are amazing!

The toner is not a liquid like it says it is. Well, it is but it is a bit thicker. And they both have a smell. They both smell know when you dye your hair and there is that smell that can gag you. Well, thats the smell. But, not as strong.

But, it is for dry skin. I have very VERY oily skin. So, I have only used these like two times. But, it does leave my skin feeling very moisturized. And that is the whole point of the toner and cream. To give you beautiful soft moisturized skin.

It does! And if you have very dry skin. I highly recommend you try these two products. And they also have more products as well.

So, if you enjoyed my review and wanna know what to do. Hit those two buttons and leave a comment down below letting me know if you have tried this before. And what do you think?

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