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Donate With Your PrismPop Coins #BLM

We stand in solidarity against racism and injustice.
We stand in solidarity with those using their voices and actions, no matter big or small, to fight for a change.
We love beauty. Beauty is not silent.
Black lives matter.

Click to donate with your coins. 

We have added donation options to our rewards store to various funds supporting different causes, including victim-support, organizations, and small businesses. We will periodically update the donation options as we move forward. When you redeem one of the products we will donate the matching cash value to the corresponding organization/fund. We will then email you a screenshot as a confirmation. 
*Please allow for 2-3 business days of turnaround. 

We look forward to your participation. 

Learn more about Black-owned beauty brands.
EDIT: There is no debate over the fact that Black Lives Matter. It is not a controversial or political statement. Please take any non-supportive ideologies to a more appropriate platform.

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  • Marija

    <3 Follow me pls

  • Feleshia

    Amazing opportunity to try these products..

  • Denise Tucker

    I don't have any to donate just trying to learn how to use the app

  • Faith Johnson

    Absolutely loving the show of support and on behalf of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Together we stand united.

  • Vanessa Jo

    Hell yeah this is AWESOME!


    If anyone wants to check out my new YouTube channel ' Baked Beauty & Beyond I would be so blessed... I needs 1000 subscribers so I can start hosting my own giveaways! There will be so much to give and I wanna give!

  • Rita Whirls

    nice way to give back

  • Jenna

    great way to give back

  • Rita Whirls

    nice, I love trying new products to see what's right for me.

  • Linda Radford

    I think it's time I start winning make up & enough coins ,to give away. They have some of the most (Bitcheniest) Stuff on PrismPop. Plus they are looking out .!!!!!

  • Jaqi Jones

    This is a nice geesture, thank you for giving everyone this opportunity!

  • Manisha Khanduri

    This is really good opportunity for me to do some good. Thanks for providing this platform

  • Asweta

    Awesome 👏

  • chasity caviness

    This is great

  • Nicole

    This is so Awesome

  • Robin Bell

    This is such a wonderful thing I would love to see this monthly away to give to different charities

  • Tina Geane

    I love being associated & part of a App/Community that supports Black Lives Matter! #BLM

  • Dawn Worley


  • Dawn Worley

    Love this!!! What an awesome idea!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Wish the world was full of people with a mind set like this and thought like this & people didn't look at one by the color of their skin or by their looks at all. Just looked at a person for who they were & nothing else. Noone should look at anyone & automatically think of them in a certain way because of the way they look or their skin color. People should get to know someone & know who & how that person is as a person in general before even trying to say a word about someone. People are so quick to stereotype or talk about another person because of how they look & that makes me so mad & irritates me badly. I can't stand most people for that reason alone.

  • Mekala Holley

    Love this!!!♥️

  • Melissa Griffith

    I am so pleased and happy that Prismpop gave us the opportunity to use our coins for such great causes. I am from Kentucky the state were the Breonna Taylor case happened, and was glad I was able to donate to this cause again by using my coins. Louisville the city were this tragedy occurred has finally banned no knock warrants, but it is just the first small step and hopefully more can and will be done.

  • Taylor

    What an amazing initiative!

  • Sharron Janette Neace

    Great idea to support a cause with your points..but for some points are hard to come by..ive been on here about 5 or 6 months and ive only accumulated like 24k

  • Michelle

    What a wonderful way to show your support XOXO