Does this Foundation really have you covered?

The world of foundations is a crazy one! Full of different shades textures, finishes and coverage!  When it comes to full coverage Derma Blend Cover Cream is one of the BEST!  This Foundation can cover up your darkest secret! I have been using it for years and it was stayed my staple when it comes to covering up my dark under eye bags or even the blue shadow I get in both my beard and and scalp area! On days where I want thinner lighter coverage the foundation thins out like a dream with just a few drops of beauty oil! I’m currently using a rose oil with it to help add hydration!  The finish on this product is Natural however foundation is made with the pro MUA in mind! There is so much pigment in it that you can use it to mix in with any moisturizer, Serum, Liquid Highlight or even other foundations and it will change fished based on the product!

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  • Amanda Lingle

    Always always always trying to cover up the dark circles under my eyes. I really learned something new when you stated you can mix it in a moisturizer. That would be incredibly helpful as I get such dry skin in the winter. Keep up these helpful reviews