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Does The Hourglass Veil Setting Powder Work On Brown Skin?

The Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder follows the brand’s acclaimed line of primers, brushes, and concealers. Hourglass claims this powder can blur the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles for an airbrushed finish with its ultra-fine, diamond powder-infused formula.
My experience:
📦Packaging - The packaging is quite genius. The unique shaped lid keeps the powder sealed in to avoid powder-overflow disasters. Perfect for travel and clumsy people.
⭐Texture – It feels very smooth, a little powdery.
✨Finish – After blending it out on my hand, it left a beautiful sheen but sadly also left a little bit of “ashiness”. The ashy effect was more evident on the face, I would recommend people with tan to deeper skin tones to approach with caution. Swatch it if you get the chance and see if it works for you.
This is not a matte powder. It is perfect for people who enjoy a luminous but not oily finish. If you have oily skin or you are looking for an oil-controlling matte powder, this is not the one for you.
👀Verdict – This powder is ideal for those with ho have dry skin or those who find heavy duty setting powders to be too cakey or drying. The finish of the powder is truly stunning but the “ashiness” is going to keep me from reaching for it.
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