Do YOU Have Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep??

Been trying this night cream moisturizer for the last few nights and wanted to pass on a review for y'all! 

First off, I want to say that this may not be the best product for those with sensitivities to scents. The creme itself has a beautifully delicate lavendar color and a creamy, almost fluffy consistency, but also has a subtle to mid lavender/bergemot scent. 

In putting on my face, it maintains a lightweight feel to the face and goes on abundantly without much help (directions say "apply generously" but you probably won't have to put on much to get the right amount). Dries on with a shine/oily look. Do not continue to massage the product in or it could create beading, particularly on your neck by looking down or folding in your neck.

In the morning, the scent and shine will be gone, but a bit of oilyness will remain (to maintain moisure), almost as an encouragement to wash it off! 

I only noticed a hydrating effect from this product, and not any other "skin-transforming" properties, but I have only used it about a week. I can certainly comment/update any new information!

**I obtained this product as a free sample in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Susan Cain

    Your review on this "it" product is excellent, however despite the fact that I've tried many products from "it" and have loved them all.... this particular skincare product isn't probably one I would like because of my combination skin.

  • Rachel Lokos

    Is the scent overpowering?

  • Shelby Williams

    I've been wanting to try this line for awhile now!