Do ur best review ever

Got a great product to review. Was proud to be picked. Loved the products and what they meant. But want to let all know that when u get picked they want to see u use and talk about the product. Not just put it on your arm and be done they want you to show people who might buy the product how it looks on you and how to wear it. And some ideas how to use it   so if you get picked take your time use the product the way it is supposed to be used. Even if it takes a while like this last one did me. But when I was done I felt good and proud of it and I showed how it could be used on all 4 items. Not just show a pic of it. But what it looks like on and how it works and ideas what to do with it. We are here to help people decide to buy a product or not. Just showing colors on your arm dont help. Showing eye shadow on your eyes help lip stick on your lips or blush on your cheeks. Not on your arm you know. So lets all show how these gleaming highlighters work and how to use them and why they want to buy them. How sexy they can be. So put them on you like you were selling them your self. I am ready are u. They picked us for a reason so lets show PRISMPOP TESTERS that we are. That we are proud and we will show how they work and look. So lets do this and make it a great review from all of us .

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  • Bonita kasee

    Following to see your review! Thanks for sharing this ,excited to see it on you


    My bag is on its way so excited cant wait. Going to try to use them sexy to show how they can look and work on differnt parts OF My body ready to GLEAM

  • Jacquie Fisher-Wisor

    Well spoken!! I agree Lynette! It takes time knowledge and effort, I'm very shy with video so I have no idea how nervous I'll be but yes that's exactly what PrismPop wants us to show on our faces what the products look like for others to purchase if they chose too!! Thanks again! 😊