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☆DNA☆ Do Not Age Dr.Brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream

👱‍♀️ So ladies, anyone else at that age where no matter what you do fine lines and wrinkles are starting to creep up on ya?

Well me too! I've been noticing alot of what people call "Crows feet"  by my eyes! So I tried a new eye cream to see what it would do!

👽 Dr.Brandt DNA Do Not Age Triple Peptide Eye cream 👽

☆So I recieved this eye cream in my monthly Boxycharm Box,and decided to give it the 2 week challange.

☆Dr.Brandt has a great anti aging skincare line. It is on the high price end, and with times being as they are I wanted to make sure it really worked before making a decision not to buy because it's so expensive. 

☆Dr.Brandt DNA Triple Peptide Eye Cream is sold for $82 for a 0.5oz. Bottle. To me that is very expensive, so I wanted to see results! 

☆Week 1- Every night I did my normal skincare routine. Wash face,& moisturize. But I added the extra step of applying the eye cream at bedtime. I covered my whole eye and surrounding areas,not only is this cream good for wrinkles but for dark circles and puffiness. End of week one I started to see results already! Fine lines were diminishing and dark circles fading!

☆Week 2- So I continued my skincare routine with the eye cream added step 1 last week. As you can see in the before and after pictures,I saw results! In the 1st picture you could see the wrinkles by my eye,but in week 2 after using cream the lines were gone! I was amazed,it really worked! My problem is do I have $82 to spend on eye cream! But with results like this I might have to treat myself!

😄Final Thoughts! I truly think it worked! Dr.Brandt's DNA skincare line is a keeper!


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