DIY Interweb Cinnamon Lip Scrub

So I have been having a BLAST with all my new lippie making haul, and I have been looking at random recipes for lip scrubs, and I came across this tasty little number🤓 I bring you my version of this Cinnamon Lip Scrub. I had to tweak it by substituting granulated sugar with pulverized RAW Agave Sugar (all I use & have) OH and my legit teaspoon has gone missing, so I used a metal kitchen "teaspoon". The end result wasn't what I expected, too thick,too much cinnamon....I think the recipe really needs 1/2 tsp in reality,but it was rather tasty. Not bad for a first try. Thank you in advance for viewing🌺

This was the recipe, and I followed it the best that I could lol. 

What kind of lippies do YOU want to see me make? Wanna try this?Do it up! Hit the 😍❤ and comment below! I'll see you very soon🤓

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