DIY At Home Waxing


Hi everyone! Waxing has been my only method of body hair removal ever since I can remember. My mother used to discourage me from shaving growing up because she noticed it made hair grow back darker and thicker. Waxing pulls the hair out from the root, and so it takes a much longer time for the hair to grow back--when it does, it usually grows back light, too!

Since I couldn’t step out to my salon to get waxing done during quarantine, I decided to do it on myself using these Ajoura Wax strips I found on Amazon. It was quite effective! I’d say I got about 98% of the hair off and it didn’t take me too long at all!


After waxing, you could use the post wax wipe the box provides, however, I generally am a huge fan of this Natura Brasil Castanha Dry Body oil. It feels wonderful on my skin, almost like the stuff they put on you at the spa. Too, I find it better at getting rid of any sticky residue from the wax you might find on your skin.


Hope you guys enjoyed this mini tutorial!




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  • Micheala

    love using wax on my arms and legs. thanks for this great review.

  • Kelly K

    Great video but still don't think I'd ever wax my arms. I shaved my face once. That was a mistake lol but never my arms. The only thing I have ever waxed was my eyebrows and my legs once. It doesn't hurt that bad but just the sound of ripping the hair off makes me cringe.


    Omg, I love this video, but I am sorry that you have to put your arms through that, yeouch..I promised myself a long time ago that I would never go there