Distilled Bath And Body 70% ABV Hand Liquor Hand Sanitizer in Lavender

We're all learning a lot more about hand sanitizer in recent weeks & days. We're finding the ingredients for it hard to obtain. At Distilled Bath And Body they looked around and noticed they had tons of alcohol and access to loads more because they're using drinkable alcohol in our deodorant and they wanted to do something to help out. 

Formulated specifically to kill germs on hands, this 70% alc/vol hand sanitizer is packaged in glass, shipped in compostable materials, and made right in the USA from organic vodka and organic, including local lavender from Busy Bee Lavender Farm.

Ingredients: Organic Vodka, Organic Lavender, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Extracts of (Organic Elderflower, Organic Greek Mountain Tea, Organic Sea Buckthorn Tea, Small Leaf Kuding Tea, Gotu Kola, Organic Gentian Root, Organic Umckaloabo)

I love this hand sanitizer, love the refreshing scent and the unique organic ingredients. I also love the companies Donate A Sanitizer program.

Donate Hand Sanitizer: How it Works

Order as many bottles of hand sanitizer as you'd like to give away. These bottles will go directly to the hands of those on the frontlines. You will not be shipped the physical product. Someone else will receive your gift. 

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  • Sabrina

    That sounds like it smells amazing too! Love the ingredients. Wish I could order a bottle for work, but it's neat that you can donate them too. 💜

  • Ann Thomas

    How thoughtful move! Giving our love and support in this difficult time we are on!